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Pure EV Claims Over 100 IP Rights For Varied Technologies In EV Space

PURE EV has crossed the key milestone of filings of over one hundred intellectual property rights. The Company now claims it is now one of the leading technology players in the “Born EV startups” category.

Highlighting on the research-focused culture, Mr Rohit Vadera, Chief Executive Officer, PURE EV, said, “PURE EV R&D program is focused on core technology development in powertrain design enabling us to offer a delightful experience to end users. We have nurtured a strong R&D team exceeding over 100 engineers, qualified in disciplines like thermal management, embedded systems, power electronics, transportation & product design, and electro-chemistry. As the EV industry grows exponentially beyond the early adopter phase, performance validation through extensive real-world trials and testing processes is necessary. We have set up extensive R & D, and test facilities for this purpose at our Research center and plan to further deploy INR 200 Cr in the next 18 months.”

Speaking about PURE EV’s focus on intellectual property rights and the critical importance of crossing this milestone, Mr. Rohit Vadera, added, “In the new age EV industry, the supply chain development will only happen over the due course. Hence it is important that a significantly higher proportion of the turnover is allocated currently towards R&D expenses which helps the Company build exemplary products. Consistent filing of IPR covering both the scooters and the motor-cycles segment is the strongest signal to the consumers and other stakeholders about the core philosophy of the Company to be constantly innovative.”

Citing examples of the diversified range of the IPR filings, he added, “PURE EV’s IPR filings are highly diversified in areas like battery thermal management systems, transportation design, powertrain components design, advanced algorithm on SOC monitoring and range prediction, AI-based balancing techniques, etc. We are the industry pioneer in using customized Phase Change Materials (PCM) for advanced thermal management capabilities of the battery pack and have designed a specialized vent mechanism for quick discharge. We have developed and implemented a smart Battery Management System (BMS) and the smart controller with cloud connectivity for active health monitoring of the vehicle & Lithium battery pack.”

Tata-hygiene- accessoriesAir-o-Pure 95 Air

Pure EV Claims Over 100 IP Rights For Varied Technologies In EV Space

The Company’s R&D center is co-located with the factory premises and has a facilities agreement with the IIT Hyderabad to access state-of-the-art R & D equipment and manpower, which enables a dynamic culture of interaction between the R&D and Quality Control/ troubleshooting team. It helps the Company to keep development projects in mission mode and keep the entire focus of the R&D on increasing the utility, reliability and safety of the product for the end user.

The Company’s product portfolio consists of two scooters ePluto 7G and entrance NEO and a high-performance motorcycle eTryst 350 and one more motorcycle product in the pipeline. The Company has established a 1,00,000 sq. ft. factory in Telangana comprising vehicle and in-house battery manufacturing divisions. The Company is further in the process of expansion to a 2,00,000 sqft facility with an annual vehicle production capacity of 1,20,000 units and an annual battery production capacity of 0.5 GWh, which will be ready by end of FY 23.

PURE EV has crossed 60,000+ deliveries of EV2W through its wide network of dealerships across the country and export markets and further rapidly expanding its dealership network across the country. The brand is also having a dominant position in exports to other Asian countries like Nepal and Bhutan and the company is in further exploration of export opportunities to South East Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and African markets.

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