Yamaha R3 Recalled Yet Again To Fix Multiple Issues


Yamaha R3 Recalled Yet Again To Fix Multiple Issues yet again after a recall done recently in the year 2016, Indian models affected? unknown for now

The Yamaha YZF-R3 is by far the most all round product of its segment. However, the price segment in which the R3 plays in India is on the higher side for a sub 300cc machine. You can blame that on the twin-cylinder base or the fact that it is being sold as a CKD in India, but that doesn’t take out the fact that the R3 is a very good product in its own right. Now, that the R3 is a more global product that the R25, the US market for the bike in the beginners segment is rather important. Reports are coming in from markets worldwide that Yamaha USA is about to issue a recall for the Yamaha R3 in the local market.

The recall is said to be coming for a faulty fuel tank fitting bracket and the main power switch. The two issues asking for amendments by the company will affect all the Yamaha R3 models sold in 2015 and 2016. The first issue which is the less-than-perfect fuel tank fitting bracket might cause the fuel tank to crack and leak fuel. On the other hand, the faulty main switch can corrode after coming in contact with water and cold weather, leading to potentially stalling issues on the motorcycle.


Once the recall is issued, company dealers will change the affected parts on all Yamaha R3 models from 2015 and 2016. Yamaha USA will be updating the affected owners of the Yamaha R3 via mails in coming days. With that said, we are yet to get any indication from the Yamaha Motor India if the recall will also affect the Yamaha R3 owners in India as well or not. However, we recommend the present owners of the R3 to keep an eye on their mails and be in touch with their dealers as well. In the meantime we will keep on bringing the latest developments on the same.

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