Yamaha RX100 Baby Blue by Ironic Engineering Is Just To Tempting To Ignore

Behold the Ironic Engineering Yamaha RX100 Baby Blue, a go anywhere RX100 custom build

Without any doubt the two-stroke era of Indian motorcycle has only one king, Yamaha. With cult icons like the RD350, Yamaha had ruled the streets with its incredible machines. Then there was the RX100, an absolute legend of hooliganism back in the days of our fathers and their youth.  No wonder the enthusiast across the country, still swear by the

Yamaha RX100 and its fun quotient. This entry level 2-Stroke was a pint size rocket offering mad power and acceleration. Thus no wonder, when in India you want to create a motorcycle build and don’t want to turn to the sluggish Enfield’s of the old, you need to get yourself an RX100. Hyderabad based, Ironic Engineering did something similar and the result is this, Yamaha RX100 Baby Blue.


Ironic Engineering has given their build the iconic Speed Block Livery. Along with it, the go anywhere appeal arrives with raised suspension at the bikes front while there is a custom swingarm doing duty at the rear joined by a monoshock. The bare basic and rugged looking footpegs are custom build by the lads at ironic Engineering. The team added an expansion chamber along a new exhaust to boost power for the Yamaha RX100 ‘Baby Blue’ build. There is also a wider handlebar providing improved leverage for off-road excursions.


The Yamaha RX100 Baby Blue build also gets a rectangular headlight stacked on a plate mounted on the triple clamps. Ironic Engineering added knobbies into the mix to complete the rugged appearance of the build. The seat is also a custom affair and its brown shade gels well with the livery.


For keeping the builds bare minimum theme going, ironic engineering has installed a smartphone which acts the instrument console. This unit doubles up as a navigation device should the need arrive as well. Yamaha RX100 Baby Blue build gets its power from a 98cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine  mated to a 4-speed gearbox.



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  1. Pullela Anoop says

    Jst now I have seen your RX100 modified bike.it was looking awsome
    Can u plz give the contact no. To know the details of RX100 modified bike…

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