EXCLUSIVE: 2017 BMW 330i and 760Li (V12) Launched In India – Entire Lineup Price List Leaked!


2017 BMW 330i and 760i are back in the Indian market. Do note, the 330i is now a four-cylinder not a six. The Six-cylinder is now named as 340i worldwide.

Our reader sends us the 2017 price list of the BMW cars in India that just has been updated couple of days ago. While the entire price list has been updated which you can have a look at below, there are some silently introduced model in the list visible. Two models such as the 2017 BMW 330i and 760i (V12). These models have been introduced again in the Indian market. The 330i recently came with the GT series of 3-series and now has made it to the sedan as well. The four-cylinder 2.0 litre motor is been plonked into the sedan along with the same engine which produces less and is known as the 320i.

This clearly has been done to make sure BMW gets more volumes and also provide the ultimate driving pleasure with their vehicles as the 3-Series is far more nimble, agile and lighter than the GT. This is also been done for a reason, which is seen in the list is the price tag. The 3-Series 330i is priced at 44.9 Lakhs meanwhile the 3-Series GT 330i is priced at Rs. 48.30 Lakhs. The sizeable difference in price of Rs. 3.30 Lakhs makes it sweet deal and offers enthusiast a lot of bang for their buck. The 2.0 litre four-cylinder motor in the 330i form makes 252 BHP of power.


Meanwhile, the 7 Series also made a come back in the petrol form. The fuel (petrol) is gaining traction in the market but we are sure no body is asking a high fuel-efficiency from a V12 equipped car which makes a whopping 610 PS of power and 800 Nm of torque. The car does 0-100 km/hr in a sports car like 3.7 seconds. V12 is now asking Rs .2.27 crore from your bank account for the power train and a discreet V12 badge on the C-Pillar of the car. The 7-Series doesn’t need much introduction as it is being said it is high on technology and drives like a BMW at the same time.


We will test these cars shortly for you as BMW intends to sell them. If BMW is kind and free enough to lend us one. For now, 2017 BMW 330i and 760i are back and company is making sure that they are launching products one after the other in variants or models to make sure they maintain their recent success over Audi and get closer to the almost undefeated rival, on paper atleast, Mercedes-Benz. As Mercedes sells an amount of cars which BMW and Audi combine sell in the market. Now, let’s hope some day we find a 340i in this list and yes, we would prefer in a coupe body!

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