The 2020 Honda Africa Twin 1100 Is Here And Claims To Be Superior Than Before


In the whole adventure-touring category, there are a few contenders who pack a lot more than one can see. Honda’s Africa Twin is one of them. Honda decided to up the ante with the Honda Africa Twin 1100. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin 1100 comes with a ton of added features. The most noticeable update amongst all is the engine. The parallel-twin motor has been bumped up by 86cc of displacement and sums to 1084cc in total whereas the out-going model has a 998cc engine.

The new engine makes 101 bhp and 104 Nm of torque. Other supportive alterations include the updated frame for better handling. The rear subframe has detachable aluminium construction, the aluminium swingarm inspired from the CRF450R is even lighter and more rigid.
The electronics on the 2020 Africa Twin get a major remake and is devoid of the 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that engaged rear-lift control, DCT cornering detection, wheelie control, cornering ABS.

2020 Honda Africa Twin 1100 has a new 6.5-inch TFT colour touchscreen now comes with Apple CarPlay. While the main screen is used for navigation, the secondary screen, placed right below the main screen is used to display the speed and the selected gear.

20YM Africa Twin Adventure Sports Meter
20YM Africa Twin Adventure Sports Meter

Even with all the mentioned changes and looking at the added features, the 2020 Honda Africa Twin 1100 weighs less than the older model. The base variant scales to 226 kg and the DCT variant weighs 236 kg. For better riding experience, Honda has also offered a low seat which is 825mm and a taller seat at 894mm. The 2020 Honda Africa Twin will be available in 4 models- the base model, the base model with DCT, the Adventure Sport ES and the Adventure Sports ES with DCT.

The 2020 Honda Africa Twin 1100 (1)

The base variant stays in the off-roading territory, with a 19-litre fuel tank, shorter and fixed windscreen. Apart from that, the base model lacks touring amenities, unlike the Adventure Sport ES model. The latter one has more touring character with features like electronic ride-height suspension, Showa Electronically Ride Adjustment suspension, tubeless wheels, heated grips, larger skid plate, aluminium rear rack, and a 24.5-litre fuel tank.

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