2021 Triumph Bonneville Series India Launch Price Revealed


Triumph’s legendary modern classic motorcycle family has been evolved for 2021, with a host of significant updates across the line-up, including enhanced performance, capability and style. From the timeless classic Bonneville T120, T120 Black and T100, to the stylish and contemporary custom Street Twin and new Street Twin Gold Line limited edition, the laid-back Bonneville Speedmaster cruiser and the pure custom Bonneville Bobber, each one has been beautifully evolved.With a peerless bloodline that goes back to the iconic first 1959 Triumph Bonneville, the updated 2021 modern classic Bonneville family encompasses the legendary spectrum of British designed motorcycle icons.

MY21 Triumph Bonneville series

The new Bonneville line-up will be enhanced further still in April 2021, with the official reveal of the new generation Scrambler 1200 and Street Scrambler, when full details will be released.

MY21 Triumph T120_Black
MY21 Triumph T120_Black

The definitive British motorcycle icon has its torque-rich 1200cc twin. With a significantly enhanced handling set-up, courtesy of a major 7kg weight saving, new lightweight aluminium wheel rims and new higher specification Brembo brakes, plus new rider technology, including cruise control and enhanced riding modes and even more responsive throttle, the Bonneville legend continues.

For 2021 the new T120’s engine mass has been reduced significantly through the use of a lighter crankshaft. Together with an optimised clutch and balancer shafts this has also reduced inertia, which provides the new generation with a notably more immediate and responsive throttle.

MY21 Triumph T120
MY21 Triumph T120

The 1200 twin engine delivers 105 Nm of peak torque at a very low 3500 rpm and its power peaks 80 PS at 6,550 rpm. With its sensitively designed liquid cooling system, the upgraded 2021 engine exceeds EURO 5 requirements, giving lower emissions than the previous generation and excellent fuel economy. Both the T120 and T120 black come with a very high service interval of 10,000 miles or 16,000 kilometres helping to keep the ongoing cost of ownership low.

The handling of the new T120 has been enhanced for 2021 with a 7kg weight saving. The all-new aluminium wheel rims (18’’ X 2.75’’ on the front and 17’’ X 4.25’’ on the rear) give a major reduction in unsprung weight and inertia, making the new T120 more agile and manoeuvrable when riding, and also when you’re moving the bike around at standstill. The braking system has been improved with a higher specification Brembo front brake, with a twin disc set-up and 2 piston sliding calipers giving excellent stopping power and improved feel. Safety and control have also been maximised thanks to Triumph’s latest generation ABS and switchable traction control. The combination of weight saving, new wheels and higher specification brake set-up makes the new T120 the best handling Bonneville T120 ever.

The new T120 comes with higher specification technology compared to its previous version, with cruise control now fitted as standard along with enhanced riding modes.
The cruise control is set via a dedicated button on the handlebar, making it extremely user friendly for the rider as well as the selection of the riding modes. The rider can select between the Rain and Road riding modes, which will adapt the behaviour of the bike according to the riding conditions.

Other high spec rider focussed technology that come as standard include a torque-assist clutch, which reduces rider fatigue in heavy traffic or on longer journeys; an engine immobiliser incorporated into the key, a handy under-seat USB charging socket and the internal wiring ready to plug in the accessory fit heated grips.
The headlight incorporates this distinctive LED daytime running light, where market legislation permits, which makes it easier for the bike to seen by other road users.

The twin clock set-up has a new premium 3D dial face with Bonneville branding and traditional typeface and colours. The multi-functional digital display provides the rider with all necessary information, such as riding mode settings, cruise control status, gear position indicator and much more, and it is all controlled through the intuitive and easily accessible scroll button mounted on the handlebar. The iconic sculpted Bonneville tank with knee pads carries a new 3-bar heritage chromed metal badge, adding a new styling touch to the already unmistakeable T120 design.

On the classic Bonneville T120, premium chrome finishes have been used throughout, maintaining the signature timeless style, including on the mirrors, mudguard stay, indicators, silencers, handlebars, headlamp bezel and filler cap. The seat is finished with contrast piping, a ribbed top and carries an embossed Triumph logo. Alternatively, with the mean and moody Bonneville T120 Black you get a host of premium blacked-out details and components, including wheel rims, grab rail, engine covers, mirrors, headlamp bezel, indicators, and exhaust, plus a stylish brown bench seat with embossed Triumph logo.

And a set of 116 genuine Triumph accessories are available for the T120 range, enabling riders to personalise their motorcycles.The T120 is available in 3 stylish colour schemes, including a Jet Black single colour option, or a choice of two twin colour schemes; Cordovan Red and Silver Ice, and the Cobalt Blue and Silver Ice, both of which feature hand-painted gold lining. For the T120 Black, there is a choice of Jet Black or a sophisticated Matt Jet Black and Matt Graphite scheme with hand-painted silver coach lining.

MY21 Triumph _T100
MY21 Triumph _T100


The new Triumph Bonneville T100 features a high torque, 900cc twin-cylinder Bonneville engine, which has undergone significant updates for 2021, resulting in a lighter and more responsive powertrain. The peak power is 10PS higher than the previous generation, at 65PS at 7,400 rpm, while peak torque is 80NM at 3750 rpm, with 80% of peak torque available all the way from 2000 rpm to 7000rpm, giving strong acceleration whenever it’s needed. The updates give the new 2021 Bonneville T100 increased power and torque from a low 3500rpm and all the way up to the rev red line, which is 500rpm higher than the previous version.

The new T100 engine also exceeds EURO 5 regulations and now has lower emissions and excellent fuel economy. Thanks to the low inertia crankshaft, lighter balancer shafts, a thin-walled clutch cover and a magnesium cam cover, the engine of the new T100 is considerably lighter than the previous version, significantly contributing to the 4kg weight reduction of the new 2021 Bonneville T100. This weight loss, combined with the higher power, translates into a remarkable improvement in the throttle response and ride.
A very high service interval of 10,000 miles or 16,000 kilometres helps to keep the ongoing cost of ownership low. For European markets, the T100 can be fitted with an A2 license kit, which can be easily removed by a Triumph dealer when the owner has passed their test to reinstate full power. Local market legislative requirements will apply.

Enhanced Handling
The handling of the 2021 Bonneville T100 has been enhanced by the 4kg weight reduction, notably improving the bike’s agility. The T100 also comes with a higher specification Brembo 2-piston front brake for excellent stopping power, with more bite and better feel. The new higher-specification cartridge front forks, combined with the twin rear shocks and the 32-spoke classically styled wheels, further enhance the T100’s agile and easy-handling feel for a confidence-inspiring ride.

The latest generation ABS and switchable traction control are sensitively and unobtrusively incorporated to maximise the rider’s safety and to ensure a smooth riding experience.
The comfort is ensured by a comfortable rider and pillion seat, perfect for short and longer rides, and a torque-assist clutch to reduce rider fatigue. The seat is released via a key for easy access to the under-seat USB and the seat height is an accessible 790mm. Together with the T100’s narrow stand-over profile, this gives a planted and secure feel at a standstill.

Enhanced Style and Detailing
The new 2021 Bonneville T100 is also equipped with a new instrument dial face, with Bonneville branding and a traditional typeface. The integrated, multi-function display is easily controlled through the handlebar mounted scroll button. Reflecting the T100’s original Bonneville DNA, there are beautiful and authentic styling details throughout, from the contrast piping on the seat, to the knee pads on the signature Bonneville tank cut-outs, the steel rear mudguard, the chrome-finished mirrors, chrome handlebars, chrome headlamp bezel and chrome filler cap. The compact and elegant rear light is fully LED for power efficiency and stylish high visibility.

The new 2021 Bonneville T100 is available in three classic colours – the Lucerne Blue and Fusion White scheme, with hand-painted silver coach lines; a sleek, single tone Jet Black option or a second twin colour scheme, in Carnival Red & Fusion White, with hand-painted silver coach lines. The rider can personalize their T100 thanks to a range of 117 genuine accessories. These have all been developed and tested alongside the bike to ensure perfect integration and provide plenty of options to personalise the T100 according to the rider’s taste and needs.

Available within the accessory range, owners will find a wide catalogue of luggage, plus options for seats and screens. Internally wired heated grips add comfort and aid control in colder climates, while the cruise control option lessens throttle fatigue on longer journeys. Further blacked-out style with the black exhaust headers, rings and silencers can be adopted thanks to the list of available Genuine Triumph Accessories.

With an even more comfortable bench seat and a host of new, refined details and finishes for 2021, plus an extensive range of 120 Genuine Accessories, the beautiful and easy handling Street Twin is the perfect modern classic ride for new and experienced motorcyclists alike.

Enhanced for 2021 the new Street Twin has incredible torque from low down, right through the rev range for thrilling acceleration anytime it’s needed, with 65PS peak power arriving at 7,500 rpm and with 80Nm peak torque at 3,800 rpm. The motor is Euro 5. Such power and torque are comfortably managed thanks to the ride-by-wire throttle control. The Street Twin also comes with a 10,000 mile / 16,000 km – service interval. For European markets, the Street Twin can be fitted with an A2 license kit and it can be easily reversed to full power by any Triumph dealer.

Enhanced Comfort and Style
The modern customer style of the Street Twin has been updated for 2021 with new premium features, including all new cast wheels, a new more comfortable bench seat, new bodywork and improved finish and detailing, with brushed aluminium headlamp brackets. The headlamp itself is compact and features a signature Triumph bulb cap badge. The rear light is a compact and elegant LED, with a distinctive light pattern.

The sculpted tank and lockable chrome fuel cap, combined with the Street Twin’s compact front mudguard, and new side panel featuring an integrated mesh detail with premium foil tank decals, for a stunning result. The Street Twin’s class-leading finish, including new brushed aluminium throttle body finishers and black Bonneville-signature engine covers are complimented by a distinctive finned head and header clamps.

Fitted with Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tyres for great grip and durability, the new cast wheels add to the overall custom look and feature machined detailing on the spokes.
For Street Twin riders who want to personalise their motorcycles, there are 120 Genuine Triumph Accessories for adding protection, comfort, style, capability and security. These include options for luggage, fly screens, grab rail, engine dresser bars, engine protectors, and black or chrome engine covers. All accessories have been designed and engineered alongside the bike, for perfect integration, and tested to the same standards. The 2021 Street Twin is available in three colour options – Cobalt Blue, Matt Ironstone and Jet Black.

The 2021 Street Twin also comes with a new 10mm thicker seat that features a new foam mixture for better padding, giving the rider an even more comfortable ride.
Renowned for its accessibility, the new 2021 model has a low 765mm seat height and excellent stand-over width, making it a great bike for riders of all heights and sizes.
The Street Twin is exceptionally easy to ride, with intuitive, neutral handling, and has a great specification of equipment, with cartridge front forks and twin rear shocks, a high-specification Brembo front brake setup with single disc for great bite and feel, and a torque-assist clutch for light, easy operation, a real benefit in traffic around town or on long journeys.

ABS and Switchable Traction Control are fitted as standard – to manage the Street Twin’s torque when traction is compromised. Two riding modes are available – Rain and Road. These adjust the throttle map and traction control settings for optimum performance in wet and dry conditions. The Street Twin’s stylish clocks come with a classic analogue speedometer, and a digital display and menu system, which is accessed by a handlebar mounted scroll button, for fingertip control while riding. Other features include an under-seat USB charger, key-fob incorporated immobiliser and accessory fit heated grips and Tyre Pressure Management System capability.

MY21 Triumph T120MY21 Triumph StreetTwin-GoldLine
MY21 Triumph StreetTwin-GoldLine

This exquisite hand-detailed custom edition of the 2021 Street Twin delivers all of the new generation updates and celebrates the timeless classic Triumph logo and hand-painted, gold lining skills of Triumph’s expert paint shop. There are only 1000 of these beautiful motorcycles worldwide, each one coming with a certificate of authenticity personalised with the unique VIN number of the bike, making these even more exclusive.

Hand-detailed custom special
The Street Twin Gold Line limited edition comes with a stunning Matt Sapphire Black paint scheme with Triumph heritage logo and hand-painted gold lining. Custom details are extended also to the Street Twin’s wheels, with machined spoke detailing and exquisite gold pin striping, as well as the new side panel which includes a custom Street Twin logo, further enhancing the exclusivity of this limited edition.

Limited Edition of 1,000
The Street Twin Gold Line is the exquisite custom edition, limited to 1,000 motorcycles, which combines all the updates and features of the new 2021 Street Twin, together with the superb craftmanship of Triumph’s paint shop, thanks to its hand-detailed bodywork. This limited edition Street Twin comes with a certificate of authenticity, personalised with the VIN number of each motorcycle, making it a must-have for all motorcycle collectors.

MY21 Triumph StreetTwin
MY21 Triumph StreetTwin

All of the new 2021 Street Twin updates
The new Gold Line limited edition incorporates all of the updated features of the new 2021 generation Street Twin, including its enhanced Euro 5 engine with lower emissions, and enhanced comfort and style, courtesy of a new bench seat, cast wheels, bodywork, and brushed aluminium detailing. Add to that its confidence inspiring light and agile ride, low 765mm seat height, Brembo front brake, two riding modes, ABS and switchable traction control, and you get a truly special edition of Triumph’s most successful modern classic.

MY21 Triumph Speedmaster
MY21 Triumph Speedmaster

The perfect laid-back, long-distance ride, the latest generation of Triumph’s classic British custom delivers all of the Speedmaster’s all-day capability and sophisticated style, and significantly upgrades it with enhanced engine performance, higher specification equipment and more premium detailing. With 79 accessories, including luggage, the new generation promises an even more comfortable, stylish and refined ride.

Enhanced Performance
The new Speedmaster’s heart is its characterful 1200cc, high-torque British twin engine, which has been developed for 2021 for an even more immediate and responsive feel.
The Speedmaster shares the same 270 degree firing order as the rest of the Bonneville range, with a tune specifically developed to deliver high torque and high power low down and through the rev range.

With lower inertia for 2021, the new generation Triumph Speedmaster has been evolved specifically with a new tune for a fuller and smoother power and torque delivery, and a notable lift in the mid-range, for a result that gives lower emissions, exceeding Euro 5 requirements, and also excellent fuel economy.
Peak torque is an exceptional 106Nm at a very low 3850rpm, with over 90% of torque available all the way up to 5750rpm, which makes the Speedmaster a really exciting bike to ride in any gear. 78 PS peak power comes at 6,100 rpm.

The liquid-cooling system, essential for low emissions and good fuel economy, is sensitively incorporated, as is the bright chrome stainless steel exhaust. The exhaust system is unique to the Speedmaster, and is precisely crafted to deliver a rich, deep and distinctive sound, while its twin skin design cleverly hides the catalyst for an uninterrupted header run.

Triumph’s latest ride-by-wire technology ensures precise throttle control on the Speedmaster, which has two enhanced riding modes – ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’.
Both riding modes maintain the Speedmaster at full power and adjust both the throttle response and traction control settings, adding to confidence, rideability and safety, whatever the conditions. A very high service interval of 10,000 miles or 16,000 kilometres helps to keep the ongoing cost of ownership low.

Enhanced Handling
The new 2021 Triumph Speedmaster features higher specification, bigger diameter 47mm Showa cartridge forks, which combined with the preload adjustable hidden monoshock rear suspension unit, provide the rider with great manoeuvrability, comfort and control, with and without a pillion. Stopping power is excellent, thanks to the high-performance Brembo braking set up with twin discs. To maximise safety and control, Triumph’s latest generation ABS and switchable traction control are fitted as standard and beautifully incorporated into the design. The Speedmaster is set up to deliver all of Triumph’s signature neutral, agile and easy handling, with a relaxed and comfortable riding position. It has a very low seat height of just 705mm, making it one of Triumph’s most accessible models.

An even more comfortable twin-seat set-up is fitted to the 2021 update. The rider’s seat now has separate lumbar support and a sculpted deep foam construction, while the pillion seat has 11mm thicker foam than the previous generation. The seat configuration can be easily switched between a twin or single seat set up, tailoring the look of the Speedmaster to suit personal taste and allowing the fitment of a useful accessory rear rack. A torque-assist clutch adds to comfort on long journeys or in heavy traffic and the cruise control, fitted as standard, is very easy and intuitive to use, with an easily-accessed, single button operation.

MY21 Triumph Speedmaster
MY21 Triumph Speedmaster

Enhanced Style and Detailing
While the Speedmaster maintains the core Bonneville identity and DNA, it also has a beautiful and iconic custom cruiser style.
The bodywork on the 2021 Speedmaster is kept to a minimum with some authentic touches that keep the iconic Speedmaster look, such as the side-mounted ignition barrel, the classic rear “drum-brake” inspired hub, the battery box with its heritage-style stainless steel restraining strap and much more.
The clock has a new bezel for 2021, with subtle Bonneville branding, and a new dial face. The LCD display is controlled via an easily accessible and intuitive handlebar mounted scroll button.

For great efficiency and longevity, full LED lighting – headlight, rear light, indicators and number plate light – is a standard feature of the 2021 Speedmaster, and subject to market legislation, the headlight is equipped with a distinctive LED daytime running light for increased visibility. The Bonneville family is the perfect platform for customisation, and there is a range of over 79 Genuine Triumph Accessories to choose from. These have all been designed and developed alongside the bike to ensure perfect integration, and they have been tested to the same standards as the Speedmaster itself. The Speedmaster’s long distance capability can be enhanced by leather or wax cotton panniers, a chrome luggage rack, pillion backrest, rider footboards and a long-haul touring screen.

Different options for seats are available, as well as an alternative accessory high bar setup, a swingarm mounted bag, teardrop mirrors in chrome or black, dresser bars, and various badges, caps, covers and finishers. Alternative exhausts are also available, including a fully black-finished system, and for added practicality at lower temperatures heated grips can be fitted. These integrate with the hidden wiring that is already built into the Speedmaster. For 2021, three stylish colour schemes are available, including a jet black option, a new Fusion White and Sapphire Black twin-colour scheme with hand-painted twin coach line, and a stunning new Red Hopper candy paint scheme.

MY21 Triumph Bobber
MY21 Triumph Bobber

Significant updates include enhanced engine performance for an even more responsive and thrilling ride, higher specification technology and equipment, and an all-new blacked-out, chunkier style. With a range of 77 genuine Triumph accessories on offer, including an alternative high bar set-up, luggage and choice of seating options, and its class leading adjustable seating and foot peg position, the Bobber has been designed for riders to adapt to suit them and their style.

Enhanced Performance
The new Bobber is powered by Triumph’s latest generation Bonneville 1200cc, high-torque British twin engine. Thanks to a reduction in inertia, this updated 2021 engine is more responsive, and its torque curve is fuller and smoother.

The charismatic 270 degree firing interval gives a beautifully smooth and linear power delivery, with the new engine delivering a notable lift at 5,500 rpm. Peak torque is an exceptional 106Nm at a low 4,000 rpm, and peak power is 78PS at 6,100 rpm. The 2021 Bobber also exceeds EURO 5 requirements, giving lower emissions than the previous generation, and excellent fuel economy. Riding distance is also enhanced by the new, larger, 12 litre fuel tank, which gives you up to 33% more range.

Triumph’s sophisticated ride-by-wire system ensures precise throttle control and enables the two enhanced riding modes – ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’. These adjust both the throttle response and traction control settings to add to confidence and safety in all conditions. The unique twin airbox intakes are located under the seat, while the straight-line exhaust pipe run cleverly conceals the catalyst box. Slash-cut, sawn-off peashooter silencers complete the picture and deliver a rich and raw Bobber sound. A very high service interval of 10,000 miles or 16,000 kilometres helps to keep the ongoing cost of ownership low.

The 2021 Triumph Bobber now features a 16” fat front wheel and new, chunkier 47mm front forks, giving a really muscular and imposing front end presence. The new front wheel is complimented by Bobber’s wide rear wheel setup. Both have a classic wire-spoked design, with black rims. The Avon Cobra tyres have been specifically developed for the Bobber, with lightweight construction for excellent high-speed manoeuvrability and class-leading stability. The Bobber is equipped with premium Brembo 2-piston calipers and twin discs, for excellent and controlled stopping power, while on the rear is a single disc set up. Triumph’s sophisticated ABS and switchable traction control are standard for added safety and security.

Central to the Bobber’s authentic hard-tail look is the floating aluminium seat, with monoshock suspension and distinctive “swing-cage” swinging arm, which ensure great wheel control and added comfort. The seat is ergonomically optimised and sculpted for comfort, with a beautifully stitched deep foam pad. The seat height is only 690mm, making it an extremely accessible motorcycle to ride. The riding position is adjustable – and the seat can be re-positioned ‘up and forwards’, or ‘down and backwards’ to optimise comfort and control for all sizes of rider. The instruments are adjustable too, so they can be tailored to match.

New blacked-out style and detailing
The Bobber has all of the signature hallmarks and beautiful details that are widely appreciated worldwide – minimal steel fenders with a centre ridge and return edge, wide flat bars with broad, adjustable levers, sculpted top yoke, rubber gaiters, classic rear ‘drum brake’ inspired hub, side-mounted ignition barrel, black painted bar end mirrors, LED bullet indicators and a new, signature full LED headlight.

For added visibility and where market legislation permits, for 2021 the headlight features Triumph’s signature LED Daytime Running Light.
And adding to the minimalist style for 2021 are new black engine covers, cam cover and sprocket cover, giving the Bobber a new, meaner, moodier edge.
For 2021 the instruments feature a new bezel, including a metallic embellisher with subtle Bonneville branding. There’s a new dial face, with translucent silver markings, and more integrated warning lights. The multi-function display is controlled by an easily accessible handlebar mounted scroll button.
The new 2021 generation Bobber comes in three distinctive colour options, with a new Matt Storm grey and Matt Ironstone scheme, a new Cordovan Red scheme, and a classic Jet Black option

MY21 Triumph Bonneville series

New 2021 Bonneville T120 and T120 Black
o Updated EURO 5 compliant 1200cc High Torque twin engine
o More responsive and lower emissions
o 7kg lighter
o New lightweight aluminium wheel rims
o New higher specification Brembo brakes and twin discs
o More dynamic, agile and neutral ride
o New cruise control fitted as standard
o Enhanced road and rain riding modes
o New instrument face and branding

New 2021 Bonneville T100
o 10PS more power, 65PS @ 7,400 rpm and 80Nm @ 3,750 RPM
o More responsive and 500rpm higher red line
o Updated EURO 5 compliant 900cc High Torque twin engine
o More responsive and lower emissions
o A2 license kit available
o 4 Kg lighter
o New cartridge forks
o New higher specification Brembo front brake
o New instrument face
o New black powder coated engine covers and cam cover

New 2021 Street Twin
o Updated EURO 5 compliant 900cc High Torque twin engine
o Lower emissions
o A2 license kit available
o New deeper foam, more comfortable bench seat
o New cast wheels with machined detailing
o New bodywork and brushed aluminium detailing
o Light and agile, with a low 765mm seat height
o Brembo front brake caliper
o Two Riding Modes, LED rear light, ABS and switchable traction control

New 2021 Street Twin Gold Line Limited Edition
o Certificate of authenticity
o Showcasing the gold lining skills of Triumph’s expert paint shop
o Unique Matt Sapphire Black paint scheme with hand-painted gold detailing
o Enhanced performance and lower emissions
o Enhanced comfort and style, including new bench seat, cast wheels and bodywork

New 2021 Bonneville Speedmaster
o Updated EURO 5 compliant 1200cc High Torque twin engine
o More responsive and lower emissions
o Higher specification Showa 47mm cartridge forks
o Improved rider and pillion comfort
o New instrument face

New 2021 Bonneville Bobber
o Updated EURO 5 compliant 1200cc High Torque twin engine
o More responsive with reduced inertia
o Lower emissions
o New larger 12 litre fuel tank
o Higher specification Brembo brakes and Showa forks
o New 16” fat front wheel
o New black powder coated engine, cam and sprocket covers
o New instrument styling

New 2021 Triumph Scramblers: Coming soon
– New Scrambler 1200 XC and XE – Full details to be revealed 13th April 2021
– New Street Scrambler – Full details to be revealed 20th April 2021

2021 Triumph Bonneville Series India

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