50 Hero Two Wheelers To Be Discontinued Due To BS6 Transition


In the transition period of BS4 to BS6, a lot of manufacturers have been adopting various strategies for the betterment of the brand. In the latest new, Hero MotoCorp has decided to discontinue more than 50 BS4 models from their line-up. Moreover, the brand has also formed an interim council to handle the transition from BS4 to BS6.

In an official email sent out by the company to the dealers, it has been mentioned that the production of 50 and more models has terminated and that includes the BS4 variants of the Splendor, HF Deluxe, Glamour motorcycles and Pleasure scooters.

Hero MotoCorp has taken the said measure to shift towards the new emission era, completely. The brand will soon stop the manufacturing of BS4 models and spike up the production of BS6 models.

The deadline has been set to 31st March 2020 by the Indian government. Therefore, from 1st April 2020, any new vehicle that falls under the BS4 norms will not be registered and the companies will not be allowed to sell those either.

After the resignation of Sanjay Bhan, Head of Sales, After-Sales and Parts from Hero MotoCorp, the interim council will look after the sales and the after-sales during the BS4 to BS6 transition. The interim council will consist of multiple department heads, likes of Malo Le Masson, head of global product planning as well as Niranjan Gupta, Chief Financial Officer.

2019 Hero HF Deluxe 100 iBS (2)

The newly formed interim council after Bhan’s relinquishment from Hero MotoCorp will be in power from 13th December 2019. The said council will look after all the necessary guidance and support that will be needed for making a move towards the BS6 transition of their line-up and finish it well before the given deadline of 31st March 2020.

Hero MotoCorp has already made the first move with the launch of their 2020 Splendor iSmart and that indeed is the first BS6 motorcycle in India. With the post-festive season, Hero has already seen good sales figures and that relieves them from the worry of inventory space for the incoming of BS6 vehicles.


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