Benelli Electric Motorcycle Incoming


2021 Beijing Motor Show witnessed a slew of interesting electric offerings including the first electric sports bike from the house of QJMotor, the QJ700D. The parent company of Benelli and QJMotor, Qianjiang Motorcycles displayed its prowess in electric mobility at the show with QJ700D emerging as the show stopper among the riding enthusiasts.

The manufacturer hasn’t revealed any technical details about the product but the premium motorcycle will compete against its European and American counterparts to lure performance bikers who are keen to show off their ecological credentials as well. Some of the select Asian markets will get this premium offering under the QJMotor brand while other nations including India could get the bike with the Benelli tag.

Benelli Electric Bike
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In terms of look, QJ700D features an aggressive front styling, akin to QJMotor’s flagship SRK600 model. The split seat design on the bike and rear indicators are reminiscent of SRK600 which also signal that platform is shared between both models to save on the manufacturing cost. However, the hardware used on these bikes could be different as QJ700D gets a single disc setup against the dual discs scheme existing on the SRK600. The suspension setup is also likely to be different on upcoming QJ700D.

As mentioned above, there is no information on the specifications of the upcoming bike yet. However, given the impressive track record of the QJMotor, we expect the QJ700D to come with powerful power and torque ratings. In addition, the bike could also boast the features such as fast charging and swappable battery that brand’s other products come equipped with. It is unlikely that this Benelli’s electric bike will make its way to the Indian market anytime soon in future. As per speculations, QJ700D will compete primarily in select Asian Markets and European region. As far as the India’s tryst with performance electric bikes is concerned, the only contender we have as of now is Ultraviolette F77.

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