BMW G310 Twins Discounts Begins Range From Rs. 40,000 to 80,000


BMW G310R Twins Discounts discussions are all over the country as enthusiast get call back from dealerships for the discounts on BMW entry level bikes

This was expected!. After pricing of the motorcycles was sky high, the performance and quality was alright for its size, it was time to get the value quotient right and it seems to be happening now. BMW dealers (NOT BMW) are offering discounts and this time it is being said that handling charges will not be charged. Obviously those are being included in the price, they are just not being mentioned in the invoice.

The amount is charged (which is RTO charges that dealers incur, which is usually around 3-5k )but not the insane (i.e, day light robbery) amount of 15,000 which was charged earlier. BMW had already managed to offer a very low EMI of Rs. 6000-7000 for G310R and G310 GS respectively.

BMW G310R vs Duke 390 vs Dominar 400 vs Apache RR310 Review-19
Competition is intense.

Dealers are taking the stakes higher with more lucrative EMI and down payment schemes. Accessories and insurance and others items are being offered at lesser price most of this is equally upto Rs. 60-80,000 in total. The amount can be higher or lower in every case too. Officially, the BMW G310GS is sold at Rs. 3.49 lakh, while the G310R costs Rs. 2.99 lakh ex-showroom .

With discounts, BMW G310 Twins cost around Rs. 3.0 lakh (G310R) and Rs. 3.70 lakh (G310GS) (on-road Mumbai). This is being done to clear the 2018 stock and soon we will seen 2019 models with subtle cosmetic changes. Three years down the line we can expect significant facelifts to come as well.

For now, the BMW bikes come with a 35 BHP, 28 Nm liquid-cooled 4-valve, fuel injected engine which displaces the 313cc engine and has a 6-speed gearbox. The competition is as intense as it gets because the RE twins have smashed the pricing benchmark with a twin-cylinder retailing at less price. Suddenly, the Apache RR310 is more value for money and the KTM twins such as the Duke and RC 390 are already lucrative.

Even Kawasaki, the most premium brand of the lot corrected its pricing for the Ninja 300 officially by Rs. 70,000 while adding ABS. Bajaj is also offering a subtle Rs. 10,000 discount which has made the pricing reach to its original 2016 launch price. Clearly, even in discounts, the BMW G310R has stiff competition!

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