BMW Z5 Interiors leaked, Sports Car Platform Being Shared With Toyota


BMW Z5 Interiors leaked suggest it is being borrowed from the past and has a distinct new approach towards it

The successor of the hugely successful and stunning BMW Z4 is slated to arrive at BMW showrooms in late-2017. Being co-developed along the hugely awaited Toyota Supra. This car will be both shorter and lighter than its Japanese cousin. Interestingly, BMW has ditched the Z4’s folding hard-top on the new Z5 which will now use a soft top with a rear window. After being spied a few times already under going rigorous testing, the BMW Z5 has shown its interiors for the first time. These pictures were shot during the Nurburgring testing of the new BMW Z5.

When launched, the BMW Z5 is slated to go head to head with the Mercedes-Benz SLC, Audi TT & Porsche 718 Boxster. As already discussed, the car will share its platform with the 2017 Toyota Supra while the sharing would also expand to a few components as well. Some of which can be seen in these images as well. Elements like the way the climate control layout is designed for the BMW Z5 looks strikingly similar to the Supra undergoing testing. Furthermore, the air-vents under the Satellite navigation system display and the steering column with those turn signal and wiper stalks also look pretty similar to the Toyota.

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The BMW Z5 is said to be arriving with a hybrid powertrain that might be provided with an optional AWD system later. Alongside this new hybrid arrangement, traditional BMW masterpieces like the latest turbocharged four-cylinder and inline-six engines will certainly be present on the car. Thus it would also make sense for BMW and Toyota to share the electric components and the gearbox as well for both cars. Saying that, the 2017 BMW Z5 will look much different from the styling of the upcoming Toyota Supra’s exterior. Mainly since the Supra will be longer than the Z5 something the camouflage cannot hide.

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