Emflux Model 1 Revealed at The 2018 Auto Expo

The electric superbike 'electrifies' the Expo floor.


Electric Vehicles or EV’s are setting benchmarks when it comes to transportation. Long gone are the days when EV’s were slow, unreliable and boring. Be it two or four wheels, electric mobility is improving and getting bigger every passing day. Bangalore based startup, Emflux Motors is participating in the Auto Expo 2018 and they have revealed their very first offering for India. It’s called the ‘Model 1’ and is India’s very first electric superbike built indigenously. Emflux’s Model 1 will go against the existing brands like Ather Energy and Tork Motors.

You can see the Model 1 in person at Emflux’s E16 stall at the 2018 Auto Expo taking place in Greater Noida.
The Model 1 is India’s very own version of the ‘Lightning LS-218’ electric superbike. However the Emflux is built specifically for India. The Model 1 is propelled via a liquid cooled AC Induction Motor that spits out 71 bhp of power and 75 Nm of torque at 8400 rpm. This torque will accelerate the motorcycle from zero to the ton in just 3 seconds. Yes, that’s superbike fast. Top speed is a brilliant 200 kmph and the range is just as impressive at 200 kms.

To strengthen the Model 1 proposition, Emflux has also planned to set up about a thousand WARP chargers across India over the next 5 years. This will make sure that Emflux’s customers don’t run out of charging points. However the Model 1 will be produced in limited numbers, only 199 units to be precise. The price tag is lofty too at INR 5.50 lacs.

So what exactly does the Model 1 have to offer?
Apart from the eye-popping acceleration and 0-100 numbers, the Emflux has an array of electronics and high quality mechanicals in its repertoire. Starting from a 7” touch enabled dash with in-built GPS navigation, real time vehicle diagnostics, smartphone connectivity, auto updates, mobile app and also bike to bike connectivity. The bike sports top drawer Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, Continental 2 channel ABS and a single sided swingarm. The bike gets Samsung’s Lithium ion battery which features regenerative braking.

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