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EXCLUSIVE! Skoda 1.0 litre Petrol Engine (TFSi) Testing Begins in India

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Skoda 1.0 litre Petrol Engine was announced some time back and will make it to all their small cars and can be a hybrid as well

A few days ago, Skoda Auto India broke the news that they will be introducing an all-new 1.0-litre petrol engine for the Indian market. This move was the result of Skoda’s and VW’s India 2.0 Project. This assessment will allow both the brands to keenly focus on our market and thus roll-out products which will be beneficial for both – the customers and the manufacturers.

Now the fact that the upcoming models from the duo’s stable will be India-centric, it makes sense that they’re propelled via fuel-efficient engines which are also cheap to manufacture. It was this thought that provoked Skoda to take the next step and that is localisation. The Czech carmaker aims to double the market share of itself and its parent company, VW.


Skoda claims that its new 999cc three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine is both, cost and fuel efficient and it will be built in India. This new engine belongs to the EA 211 family and is available in two states of tune – 94hp and 115hp. The latter is made available on the international version of the Audi A3 sedan. Skoda says that this new engine is more compact, lighter and has less friction which translates into a fuel-efficient and smooth driving experience. The engine will power man of VW’s and Skoda’s cars in the future.

Now, however, the big news is that this engine is very close to its debut in our market. News is that they have already begun testing this Skoda 1.0 litre Petrol Engine. Recently we spotted few of VW cars doing rounds on the outskirts of Pune. Owing to the newer and stricter BS-VI norms, it is a no-brainer that VW is giving its full force to make the engine comply with the latest emission norms. Along with that, they also need to test the engine for NVH dampening as three-cylinder motors often turn out to be noisy. While doing so, they have to make sure that the engine can keep up with the fuel quality in our country.


Skoda’s decision to scrap-out the diesel’s and replace them with their efficient petrol counterparts may seem a bit odd. However seeing how rigorously planned their move is, we can assume that the two brands will soon be back into the action again.

Omkar K
Omkar K
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