FCA Organises Second Loyalty Camp For Fiat Customers Nationwide


FCA Organises Second Loyalty Camp For Fiat Customers Nationwide as it urges its customers to avail benefits and lucrative schemes on offer

FCA Organises Second Loyalty Camp is what other manufacturer call service camps. FCA clearly regards this as an opportunity for Fiat customers which are car enthusiast to avail this offer. The loyalty comes into place as it offers Fiat car owners to get service, spare parts and other servicing bits at discounted prices to make sure they stay ‘loyal’ and happy to the brand. The Fiat loyalty camp will be conducted across dealerships from 19th to 25th September 2016. The Loyalty Camp will be conducted at all Fiat authorized dealerships

The unique benefits offered in this Loyalty Camp For Fiat Customers includes a host of things that are fruitful on both end for customers. These camps make sure cars are running smooth and healthy and improve the reliability even more. FCA is offering 15% discount on spare parts for starters.

There is also 15% discount on labor for mechanical repairs. Parts of the servicing includes a battery The entire service includes a 50 point Free Car Check-up to make sure most things are running nice and tight! Fiat is also offering a free top wash. Loyalty Camp For Fiat Customers allows customer to enjoy a variety of benefits through the Fiat loyalty camps. FCA has now regularly conducted multiple service camps through the year. FCA will continue to do so. FCA wants its customers to take full advantage of these . This helps customers maintain their Fiat cars at the lowest possible cost.

2016 Fiat Punto Evo PowerTech

FCA recognizes that after-sales plays a key role in customer satisfaction and hence these camps service/loyalty camps come into action. Fiat exclusive Dealership executives will be contacting existing customers through text messages and e-mails to tell them about these camps from now on and now as well. FCA India will also be promoting the check-up camp through social media for its customers to come and avail these services. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.

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