Finally! Hyundai N Line Range Of Products In India To Be Launched This Year


Hyundai Motor today announced the introduction of N Line range of cars for India. Hyundai will introduce the first N Line model for India in 2021. With the introduction of N Line range for India, Hyundai continues to redefine mobility experiences with products that elevate customer aspirations.

Commenting on the introduction of N Line, Mr. S S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., said, “As the country’s leading smart mobility solutions provider, Hyundai has been redefining the mobility landscape with products that take customer aspirations to new heights. The introduction of our N Line range to India, will induce sporty experiences like never before, making every drives a fun experience with products that personify excitement and athleticism. As an organization committed to India, Hyundai has been introducing superior products and services for customers. We have surpassed customer expectations and assumed leadership across various segments by winning the hearts and minds of our most valued customers. With N Line, Hyundai Motor India will continue to challenge new boundaries and introduce new cars that amplify the aspirations and personalities of new age Millennial and Gen Z buyers.”

Mr. S S Kim, added, “To augment customer delight, we will introduce a new N Line model in 2021 and subsequently launch additional N Line models for Indian customers over the next few years.”

Hyundai has set the stage for the next generation of smart mobility solutions in India with the introduction of revolutionary new product concepts. Hyundai N Line will further amplify these efforts with cars that evoke excitement and athleticism like never before. To induce fun driving experiences, Hyundai will develop N Line cars in India on three brand values:

Motorsport Inspired Styling Cues
Accessible for All
Everyday Excitement

To amplify sportiness and fun driving experiences, N Line cars will feature motorsports inspired styling cues creating a playful appeal. Hyundai N Line draws strong synergies from motorsports that has led to the creation of visually differentiated styling to perfectly compliment the individualistic aspirations of customers.


Hyundai N Line cars will be accessible for all driving enthusiasts to fulfil their aspirations and enjoy the thrill of sporty driving experiences. With unique and differentiated styles, N Line cars will hone in on the enthusiast’s dreams and desires of being distinguished while inspiring cool, fun and athletic exploits.

! Hyundai N Line Range


Perfectly complimenting Gen MZ’s love for everyday excitement, N Line cars will turn up the heat with sporty experiences. Exhilarating the senses, N Line customers will never witness a dull moment in life as they translate horsepower into everyday excitement and add dynamics of cool and fun instances to break the monotony.

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