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GST Makes Luxury Car Cheaper By A Subtle Margin – Makes Them More Value and Tempting To Get One

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GST Makes Luxury Car roll out discounts plus the usual discount at showrooms, makes them more value for money. Right time to get one is now!

2017 can be described as the year of discounts for two wheelers and four wheelers nationwide. It has happened with smaller and biggers car and bikes at the same time. Manufacturer and dealerships have been throwing tonnes of discounts to make sure the comply with the government keeping strict tab on the automotive market. This is said to continue till 2020 till all cars roll out of assembly line with airbags and all bikes come with ABS. however, today, GST, a monumental approach towards cleaning our economy is happening.

Something that will help business far more easier than other before. The margin here is huge this time. 10 taxes rates and their books will be thrown away for one simple book to maintain. Luxury car manufacturer market is ruled by Germans no matter only one of them is rolling in the extra bucks (Hi Mercedes) while the rest are behind raking in decent numbers too. BMW was the first one which has forced Mercedes and also Audi to take down prices by a subtle margin. As the saving is around 3 to 4% thanks to GST revision.

BMW has announced benefits of up to 12% on ex-showroom prices of its select vehicles It also includes reduced interest rates which now stands at 7.90%. Complimentary service and maintenance for three years, complimentary insurance for one year and assured buyback up to four years is on offer as well. BMW continues with most of its promises and offers a bit more discounts making it a steal if you are in a market for its cars.


Audi too is offering attractive finance and insurance schemes, along with a service package that is covering full maintenance, warranty, wear and tear. Customers can choose a package from among a variety of time and kilometers options as per their needs. Audi is giving away these packages with immediate effect and they are applicable only till June 2017.

Audi is offering upto Rs. 1 Lakhs on the A3 and Rs. 10 Lakhs on the flagship dud in the segment, A8 luxury sedan. Mercedes is also set to cut prices of its locally-assembled models in the range of 2-9% The price revision ranges from Rs 1.2 lakh on its smallest locally assembled models such as the CLA to Rs 7 lakh on the Mercedes-Maybach S500.

GST will take the prices down even more lower. Also, as we have seen in the past, these are discounts that can be increased as well on the dealer end. Something which makes sure that if you buy post GST or now, will hardly make any difference until unless you are hell-bent on saving ever dime on these machines. Go post July to your showrooms to get the ideal deal, may be then, you can get even more discounts with these cars.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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