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Honda Elevate Fuel Economy, Powertrain And NVH Details Revealed

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Honda Elevate Fuel Economy numbers are finally out and Honda has also revealed how they have refined the powertrain, chassis, suspension and most importantly, to get the premium feel, the NVH has been tuned. Let’s directly jump into the details.

Water Cooled Inline 4 Cylinder i-VTEC DOHC with VTC
Displacement (cm3) – 1498
No. of Valves – 16 (4 per cylinder)
Advanced CVT –
The SUV is powered by the 1.5 L i-VTEC DOHC petrol engine with both Advanced CVT and 6-speed manual transmission.
The Advanced CVT is a feature with the ability to constantly control the engine speed, balancing fuel efficiency and driving by changing the ratio seamlessly.
The Advanced CVT has been modified and optimized so that everyone can enjoy a refreshing drive with a high fuel economy that is 4% more efficient.

6 Speed Manual Transmission –
The MT for this model has been upgraded while following the basic structure and achieving a higher dimension of driving and fuel efficiency.
The driving force was increased by 8% for better acceleration while optimizing the gear ratio, especially in 1st – 2nd gear ratio that has been adjusted to be 7% closer, for smoother gear shifting and driving comfort.

Fuel Efficiency

MT – 15.31 kmpl
CVT – 16.92 kmpl

Top Speed – 160km/h

The SUV has a platform with a higher ultra-high strength tensile steel application ratio, resulting in a lightweight and enhanced collision safety performance.
To increase and balance body rigidity for handling, the torsion and lateral rigidity of the rear structure have been improved for better force transfer and deform prevention to realize a “smooth and connected” structure.

The SUV is equipped with a large circular frame. This new and highly efficient body structure stiffens the C pillars and rear tailgate open area to increase and improve rear rigidity as well as to increase the smoother operation.
To serve the Dynamic Concept “Enjoy the Drive” by “Drive as Intended” and “Reliable Comfort,” the car is developed to provide more agile operation with Linearity response, comfortable ride, and stability that fits the vehicle’s weight, compact size, and wheelbase.

Front suspension
MacPherson Strut is exclusively tuned with high stability.

Rear suspension
Applied high-torsional rigidity and lightweight Torsion Beam U type

Brake performance
Smooth and high effective brake performance for more safety and controllability to fill the SUV character

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EPS system
Column EPS is precisely controlled with the linear-curve characteristic that the driver can feel more smooth operation and better handling.
For a more fun driving experience, several parts have been adjusted and enhanced for all driving scenes by the adjusted rear suspension geometry and damping characteristics for optimum performance and comfort. The engine noise and vibration are improved by using engine head cover, urethane cover and optimizing several parts around engine.
Several premium and bigger soundproof packages are optimized in several parts and areas, including sound insulation system, dashboard outside and inside, trunk side, fender pad, front & rear inner fender, floor under cover, hood inside and under cover.
By using these more efficient soundproof-performance materials, we can balance engine noise, road noise and vibration transfer for big comfort and quiet during riding.
High-performance engine vibration control
Improved engine head cover to reduce engine sound radiation
Improved Urethane cover to reduce engine sound radiation and better engine sound
Side-mounted with dynamic module to reduce vibration occurred from resonance
Improved trans mounting to reduce vibration
Improved torque rod system to minimize vibration

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