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Honda Navi Review, Road Test

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Honda Navi is a toy for the adults with a driving license and they can end up having to much fun and can be declared as abnormal citizens

Enchanting –

  • One of a kind aesthetics
  • Downright easy to ride and live with
  • Surprisingly comfortable and insane value for money
  • Fuel efficient and peppy at the same time

Unsatisfying –

  • Bland speedometer, lacks features overall
  • NO CBS offered
  • Small fuel tank

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The first line widen your eyes? Because that is the fact. The Navi came and conquered everything. It conquered the mind, soul, heart, wallet, body and everything it can from a human being who loves two-wheelers or even rides any. Navi’s playful design and character makes it stand apart. So much so, one of the few motoscooter, yes, that is what it is called, is visible nationwide on the roads much before than expected. Even by Honda standards.

News, as we hear daily that Honda has ramped up production, there is, a waiting period and much more about the Navi is true. Navi breaks all records because it has proven set of mechanicals and undeniably it is the most jest invoking and smile gun in the market available today. So that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its limitations and faults. That’s what we are doing here today, let’s find out!

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Design Nerd talk will say that the design is an exoskeleton of the Activa that it is based on. However, a lot of effort has gone in the styling and tried to replicate Honda’s very famous worldwide products, the Grom. Puny fuel tank, a side panel that is also a rear cowl which extends from the middle and goes to the tail-lamp which is also an exposed unit.

At the front it has a large chunky headlamp. USD forks with gators at the front look just right for unknown reasons on this funky motoscooter. Cycle parts come from the Activa and motorcycles such as footpegs, grips and much more. The exhaust comes from the Dio, because if it had as the Activa exhaust was downright commuter and wouldn’t fit here. Overall, fit and build is good, but finish in some areas could be better.

Ergonomics Ergonomics are of that of a motorcycle and that is what makes it a hot favorite among the enthusiast. A scooter with motorcycle ergonomics and low seat height along with upright handlebars, well done seats and place for two is an ideal setup indeed. Rear grab rail is too small. Foot pegs are front-set and rear foot pegs are there for the pillion could have been ideal position for the rider, (they are that accessible to every height), but then it would have become a single-seater.

Honda Navi India Meters

Speedo and Switches The disappointing bits of the motoscooter come from the area where Honda has never really excelled. Same low quality switch gear along with a very boo-boo inspiring instrument cluster. It is downright lacking on various aspects and whatever tell-tale lights were supposed to be there are, is crammed there like a public transport bus. We understand Honda as it seems there wasn’t much space, but it could be more better considering, Honda is Honda. Apart from this aspect, everything seems to be ‘lovely’ on this motoscooter.

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Navi Engine and Gearbox

Performance comes from the same tried and tested Activa 110cc engine. The engine makes 8 PS and 8.96 Nm of torque and the engine is very well refined and loaded with fuel efficiency tech. HET aka Honda Eco Technology makes sure the engine delivers performance and efficiency at its peak all the time and throughout the rev range. While testing the Navi returned 47 km/l which is the highest ever since the last time we tested Honda scooter engine. Nevertheless, the scooter low fuel tank range will make it cumbersome at times.

Low and mid-end torque is good, which means the ‘pick-up’ of the scooter is brilliant. This is also good because the low kerb weight of 101 kgs makes it the lightest 110cc segment scooter. The top speed is healthy too as we saw 80 km/hr with 100 kg rider and 95 km/hr with 60 kg rider. Overall, the peppy performance in city, decent top-speed make it an able intercity highway cruiser and pondering around town is so much fun with the motor and dynamics that Navi begs to be ridden in a not so ‘licence savior’ friendly way.

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Dynamics Ride and Handling of the scooter is the best part. The ride quality is on the firm side, but despite the ride is supple and more compliant than before. Honda has done a great job of offering USD forks at the front which make things so much better. Chassis is quite stiff and so is the rear suspension, turn it into a corner and it is already there.

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The front is super duper light and that is one of the major reason for the quick turn-ins, which is also credited to the steep rake angle of the front-end. Tires are the same as the scooter counterpart. 90/90/10 at the front and 90/100/10 at the rear. MRF tyres offer good grip wet and dry conditions. Braking is good enough, but CBS is lacking despite both-end have drum brakes. Honda has clearly done it to save cost on this 110cc model. The much rumored 125cc model could actually get it along with disc option which won’t be a price conscious decision like the 110cc model.

Honda Navi Road test

Honda Navi Review, Verdict

Let’s finish with the not so good bits because if you love it you must have already bought it or made up your mind to get one just around Diwali. Apart from the poor features list, essential accessories are paid for and long waiting period there isn’t much wrong with the scooter. Something that we have seen with all Honda two-wheelers since more than a decade. Navi comes here make everything playful then.

The styling, the performance the promise reliability and hassle free experience make a strong case for the Navi. Plus, let’s no forget the customization and color options you can choose for this ‘cute’ little thing. However, there are people still that may hate it, but if you ask us, we ADORE this little thing!

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