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2016 KTM Duke 200 Get’s C1 Tyres Made Originally For Duke 390 -Exclusive


2016 KTM Duke 200 Get’s C1 Tyres Made Originally For Duke 390 because they did not work well as replacement for the Metzeler that 390 comes with

KTM Duke and RC variants have become the performance benchmark in the country. In a very less amount of time, which is just four years, Bajaj-KTM started selling a lot of these motorcycles as they were intense value for money and offered same level of performance against competition as well. Naked motorcycles along with Race track motorcycles came together and took the market by storm from its competition. KTM is known for making hooligan motorcycles and they continued to do so with lower capacity motorcycles as well. To make sure they perform well, one of the few things that matter are tyres.

KTM Duke 200 first came with never seen before MRF tyres which were sticky in every situation and performed really well. However, when the same tyres came on the RC 200, people had their doubts when exercising the bike at the limit on race track. We felt the same when we had a go on the RC 200 at a track. KTM seems to have rectified this problem for now. KTM Duke and RC 200 now come shod with MRF C1 tyres instead of the old MRF-REVZ C tyres.

So what are the possible performance changes and ownership review say? for the KTM Duke 200 C1 tyres

Now we can see MRF REVZ C1 tyres instead on Duke 200 (pictured below) and on RC models as well. These tyres are seen on customer motorcycles as well and we spoke to them about their performance. Though, they don’t go well with the 390, the 200 owners seem to be happy with these tyres as well. Duke and RC 390 owners complained about wet grip, but dry grip was satisfactory.

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Also, the ride quality on the 390 series was better than before, but not a big margin like that on the Duke/RC 200. Ride is clearly more supple than before and yet the unforgiving nature continues silently in the background continues because the dynamics remains unchanged on the 200 series. We spotted these motorcycles in the showroom and they were are flaunting their new tyres clearly. ”’

mrf revz c duke 200
MRF REVZ C Tyre seen in 2012 Duke 200

Other changes with these bike as we know are switch gear which has no headlight switch and they have turned into DRL. Something which is going to be a law from 2017 onwards. Bajaj, being one of the few to comply with these law very quickly because the international market already has the same law. The company can save bucks and provide safety to its riders quickly while obeying the law at the same time. Refinement levels have gone up in these bikes as well as there rubber mounting on key points, changes to radiator fan, spark plug gap and other things make Duke 200 more pleasant to ride. Prices remain the same in true Bajaj tradition for all the changes.

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  1. Abhilash Indi says

    Wow things seems to be so smooth fr the new customers. But being one of those who bought the bike in few months of unveiling of this brand, I am still being suffered of its flaws. I wish bajaj did something about it too.

    1. Mohit Soni says

      The flaws were since day one the bikes came in, it isn’t your typical easy to ride Japanese motorcycle. A through test ride never happens and people buy it still. Read reviews careful there is always everything written there

      1. Abhilash Indi says

        Brother, I bought it after four months of release in indian market and I am the one who googles even a small bacteria if I have to buy it. So, I pretty much knew what I was supposed to buy and a bike like this cant be criticized in 4 months as it was completely new in the market. Hope u got it.

        1. Mohit Soni says

          Yes, the 2015 version wasn’t reviewed because it suppose to be better than the 2012 version. We have high hopes from our machines but there are limitations in budgets to make a motorcycle and that balance is very tough to get. The best way is to climb the ladder and go higher then

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