Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Established In India For E-Rickshaw Battery Swapping


Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited, Honda’s new subsidiary for battery sharing service has been established in India. The company will offer battery sharing service for small mobility, which will accelerate the penetration of electric vehicles by solving three issues of electric vehicles: limited range, long charging time, and high cost of batteries. It is planned to start battery sharing service for electric auto rickshaws (E-auto) from the first half of 2022 in Bengaluru, Karnataka and expand the operations in other Indian cities in phased manner.

Honda’s battery sharing service subscribers can avail the services from nearest battery swapping station located in the city to exchange battery “Honda Mobile Power Pack e:”, Honda’s all-new portable and swappable batteries, with fully charged ones. By this convenient service, drivers need not to wait for charging and can get back on the road in marginal time.

In addition to offering battery sharing service, the new company will closely work with multiple vehicle OEMs who wish to integrate Honda’s battery into their vehicles, by providing necessary technical information for interface. By expanding vehicle OEMs, applications, and service areas, it aims to onboard more drivers which will further enhance service convenience.

Honda To Begin Battery Sharing Service for Rickshaws In India - In Mid 2022

Honda’s battery “Mobile Power Pack e:” will be made in India. By utilizing batteries made in India and accelerating electrification of small mobility, Honda Power Pack Energy India seek to encourage the use of renewable energy and contribute to the carbon neutrality in India.

Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited

Registered Office: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Managing Director Kiyoshi Ito

Business: Battery sharing service for small mobility Technical support to vehicle OEMs

Capital: 135 Crore Rupees

Shareholder: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 100%

Date of Incorporation: 29 November, 2021

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