Kia Stinger GTS1 Special Edition Revealed at The New York Auto Show


Kia Stinger GTS1 Special Edition Revealed at The New York Auto Show to make sure the enthusiasts are happy!

OH MY GOD! This was my first reaction when I saw Kia’s Stinger. Kia is a manufacturer who is famous for making practical cars, cars which your ancestor would love because they’re just so sensible. The Stinger is a car that blew everyone away when it was launched back in 2017. It was an outstanding car in the Kia lineup. The GT like profile, the swooping short tail, long bonnet with cuts and creases and the red hot paint made the car an eye candy.

The Stinger is Kia’s halo car and if you aren’t aware, Kia had made its debut in India at the 2018 Auto Expo. The Korean brand will start its operations with the launch of their compact SUV, the SP though.

Internationally, the Stinger is pitted against the BMW 3- series and the Jaguar XE. The car is available in all wheel drive and rear wheel drive configurations and is propelled via a four cylinder petrol engine. However the star of the show is the hotter GT version which comes with a 3.3 litre petrol engine that spits out 365 bhp. The GT, according to Kia does 0 to 100 in just 4.7 seconds. Now that, I think is enough for you to stop doubting the GT’s credentials. However, there is more news on the same thing!

During its short time on the market, the Stinger has established itself as a true competitor in the sport sedan segment with performance figures strong enough to embarrass its German rivals. Along the way, it has also redefined the Kia brand and consumer perception. But with all the praise and accolades the Stinger has received, Albert Biermann, head of research and development, strived for more.

Limited to just 800 units, the special edition Stinger GTS1 punches up its on-road prowess with a newly developed dynamic all-wheel drive system2 (D-AWD) that inspires more spirited driving. With sport-inspired styling elements including genuine carbon fiber parts and a splashy new color that demands even more attention, the limited edition GTS is the one automotive enthusiasts will be lining up to drive.

The result is a new version of the Stinger’s all-wheel-drive system peppered with rear-wheel drive DNA. Dubbed D-AWD, the system has been tweaked to close the gap in behavior between the AWD-equipped and RWD-equipped Stinger GT.

2020 Kia Stinger GTS
2020 Kia Stinger GTS

Mechanical limited slip rear differential is added to the D-AWD system, which is designed to enhance traction and distribute power more evenly between the rear wheels when slip is detected
Drive Mode Select amplifies rear-biased dynamics
Comfort mode sends 60 percent of power to the rear for feeling of stability
Sport mode sends 80 percent of power to the rear for more spirited driving
Drift mode sends up to 100 percent of power to the rear wheels and holds gears without upshifting
New Control Logic
Slip Control and Counter Steer Detection
Transmission Shift Pattern
Stability Control

Available in either D-AWD or RWD, the Stinger GTS maintains the Stinger GT’s potent powertrain underneath the hood.

3.3-liter V6 twin turbo
365 horsepower
376 lb-ft of torque
8-speed automatic transmission

2020 Kia Stinger GTS
2020 Kia Stinger GTS

Exterior enhancements include:

Exclusive “Federation” premium orange paint color
Genuine carbon fiber parts that outline the signature tiger nose grille, side mirror caps and side vents
GTS rear emblem
Center Stinger emblem replaces the Kia logo on the trunk lid for more custom appearance

Inside, the Stinger GTS adds more premium materials befitting of a true driver’s car.

Steering wheel and center console swathed in Alcantara®3
Headliner blanketed in premium suede-like Chamude®4

2020 Kia Stinger GTS Interior
2020 Kia Stinger GTS Interior

Handsomely and Affordably Equipped
Value continues to be pillar for the Stinger GTS, with lots of tech, creature comforts and driver assistance systems5. As part of the GTS treatment, the limited edition fastback includes:

720-watt Harman/Kardon6 premium audio system with QuantumLogic7 and Clari-Fi8 signal enhancing technology
Wireless charger for compatible smartphones

Keeping it competitive, the Stinger GTS hits the sweet spot in terms of pricing. With a start of production planned for this spring, the limited edition GTS is expected to have an MSRP9 starting around $44,000 for RWD and around $46,500 for D-AWD. Stinger GTS is expected Spring 2019 with limited availability.

The Stinger is Kia’s flagship car and if launched in India, will carry a price tag of around 70 lakhs. For that kind of exorbitant price, the car wouldn’t garner many sales so it is logical for Kia to not launch the Stinger in India. Kia also stated that their prime focus will be on the mass-market and in segments which will generate more returns.

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