Loyal Volkswagen Customer Trades 2015 Polo With Brand New Taigun SUV!


A fellow car enthusiast recently traded his Volkswagen Polo 1.2L Highline 2015 model for the recently launched Volkswagen Taigun 1.0 MT Topline. After driving a Polo for almost 6 years upgrading to another Volkswagen meant certain standards to be maintained from the brand like the rock-solid build quality and further advancements expected in this newly launched model.

Initial impressions after driving the Taigun for weeks, noticeable was its suspension setup which felt marginally better than the Polo as fewer bumps could be felt in city driving speeds. Body roll was almost non-existent especially during this run-in period with no high-speed driving, which makes the drive pretty smooth and comfort levels are satisfactory, said the owner.

The build quality of the Taigun is maintained to some standard but being a Volkswagen better quality is expected to meet their traditional German build quality. In certain sections of the cabin better quality plastic and fabric could have been used but cost-cutting has been done by Volkswagen to keep the prices of the Taigun in check in the already very competitive segment it has been placed.


Coming from the Polo with basic features, the Taigun offered a host of new features like seat cooling which is a boon after hopping in the car when coming from direct sunlight, the rearview camera offers a good vision which comes in pretty handy when using it in city conditions. Another feature that can be counted in handy is the Tyre Pressure Warning System which works flawlessly and alerts on excessive sudden pressure drops. Virtual Information Cluster looks quite nice while driving while providing some useful information that takes some time to get used to without getting much distracted. Overall the Taigun feels like a worthy upgrade from the Polo while staying in the Volkswagen family.


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