Friday, September 22, 2023

Mahindra’s Electric Scooter Could Be Coming! There Is A BIG BUT Though!

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The electric two-wheeler space in the Indian automobile market is becoming competitive by the day. Recently Hero MotoCorp announced the arrival of the Vida electric scooter and now Mahindra is all set to start its inning with Peugeot Kisbee electric scooter. Mahindra has a controlling Stake of 51% in Peugeot and although Peugeot does not sell the electric version of the Kisbee in the international market, the brand will launch the electric iteration of Kisbee here in India. In fact, Mahindra could launch both petrol-powered and electric variants of Kisbee in India.

Recently the test mule of the Kisbee electric scooter was spotted where it was being benchmarked against the Ather 450 X and Bounce Infinity E1. This benchmarking exercise is usually done before the launch of the new offerings as it offers insightful ideas to the manufacturer about both advantages and disadvantages of its own product over the rival products.


Mahindra’s upcoming offering Kisbee electric scooter is likely to have similar features along the lines of Bounce Infinity E1. The company could also throw in some premium features that will make it stand up confidently against the Ather 450X. In the global market, Peugeot sells premium E-Ludix electric scooters and some of its premium features can be imported to Kisbee for making this offering a high-end one. E-Ludix comes equipped with a 1.6kWh, 48V lithium-ion battery which offers a range of 42 km and a max speed of up to 45kmph. The electric scooter is underpinned by a tubular steel structure and uses a telescopic fork and hydraulic shock absorber at the front and rear respectively. E-Ludix rides on 14-inch wheels and features a front disc brake and rear drum brake.

If Mahindra is able to price both petrol-powered and electric-version of Kisbee competitively then these scooters will have a real chance to make it big in the Indian market. Indian consumers are rapidly warming to the idea of electric scooters and with more choices than before, Mahindra is all set to figure in the choice list of customers with Kisbee.

While Mahindra has struggled with two-wheelers of all sorts to date, this could be the big bad entry into the segment. If start-ups can win hearts, so can Mahindra, says the rumor on the street. Distribution could be a concept Mahindra is struggling with right now. However, if it goes the Bajaj way of selling its scooter through performance motorcycle showrooms, it could work. Good luck, Mahindra!


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