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Maruti Alto Vs Renault Kwid vs Maruti S-Presso – Specification Comparison

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After a rather long period of time, the new-gen Alto K10 has walked into the market. Pitted against the likes of Renault Kwid and its own sibling S Presso, the new Alto K10 has the responsibility of taking its solid legacy forward with the same kind of confidence and aplomb. Here is the specification comparison review that will help you to decide which one of the three models has the definitive substance to win you over.

New Alto K10 is the smallest car in this comparison. especially when compared to Renault Kwid, the shortest length of Alto K10 pinches a lot. Kwid is the longest and widest car and though S Presso is the tallest among the lot, Kwid, again, comes on top in the crucial aspect of the wheelbase. Both Kwid and S Presso comes with 14-inch wheels while Alto K10 makes do with 13-inch wheels.

2. Engine and Transmission
All three cars are similar when it comes to the engine and gearbox configuration. A 1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine is common to all cars and even the outputs are similar with Kwid having 1 hp and 2Nm more on offer than the Maruti siblings which put out 67hp and 89Nm. In terms of the transmission, 5-speed Manual and 5-speed AMT gearboxes are on offer in all three cars in this comparison. It’s important to note that Renault also offers Kwid in a smaller 800cc capacity too though in order to maintain the parity we have chosen the 1.0-litre variant of Kwid.


3. Fuel Efficiency
Maruti siblings are way more efficient than Renault Kwid as the numbers given below in the fuel efficiency chart apparently make clear. The reasons behind higher efficiency of Marutis include their idle start-stop system and dual-jet technology. In terms of the winner, S Presso is the most fuel-efficient car in this lot with marginally better efficiency numbers than the new Alto K10 offers.

4. Price
New Alto K10 is the best value for money in this comparison. Not only does it come with the lowest starting price but it is also the most affordable when it comes to the top variant in both manual and automatic avatars. S-Presso is also quite affordable and dearer to Alto K10 by a margin of only Rs 15k-25k to equivalent variants. Renault Kwid has the costliest in the lot when it comes to starting price though its top automatic trim is priced equally to S Presso at Rs 5.99 lakh. All these cars continue to be the most unsafe of the lot. We recommend buying them after October 2023 when they will get six airbags as standard.

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