Mercedes Mobilo Plus and Mobilo Lite- New Standard mobility Solutions Introduced


Mercedes Mobilo Plus and Mobilo Lite- Mercedes new standard mobility solutions introduced to make things simpler and easier for customers to avail support from the manufacturer

Just as we entered the new year, the German luxury car manufacturer – Mercedes Benz had announced its sales numbers for the year 2017. The sales numbers were the highest that they had achieved in the past 3 years. Mercedes-Benz achieved the top position for luxury cars in India. As well as Mercedes-Benz is also the global leader of luxury car manufacturers.

The German luxury car manufacturer doesn’t want to stop here, it also wants to strengthen its sales and after sales background. Mercedes wants to provide their customers with the best of services they can provide. Hence Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India announced that they have launched a new standard mobility solutions–Mobilo Plus and Mobilo Lite.

So what exactly is this mobility solution provided by Mercedes? And who all can avail them? Well, Mobilo Plus is a roadside assistance service provided to the customers of Mercedes who are new car owners and existing car owners. This service is complimentary for the customers whose vehicle is upto three years of age. So what happens after it? The customers can avail these services from the 4th year to the 8th year, but they will be charged and the prices start from Rs 3999.

What services are provided by the Mobilo Plus support?

1. Mechanical, electrical or accidental breakdown
2. Battery problems: Flat battery
3. Fuel problems: Out of fuel, contaminated fuel or incorrect fuel
4. Key problems: Locked keys, lost keys or broken keys
5. Tyre problems: Puncture, bolts or valve-related issues
6. Road traffic incident where the vehicle is immobilized

What Benefits are offered to Customers under Mobilo Plus Support?

1. Complimentary roadside repairs
2. Complimentary towing (in case of mechanical, electrical or accidental breakdown)
3. Complimentary taxi service up to 50 km from breakdown location
4. Replacement vehicle (mechanical or electrical breakdown)
5. Onward/return travel (economy class for passengers legally allowed in the vehicle)
6. Hotel accommodation (maximum 3 nights)
7. Legal advice & medical coordination as required.

Mercedes Mobilo Plus and Mobilo Lite (2)

So what exactly is MobiloLlite?
This is a complimentary service offered by the Authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. While the Mobilo Lite service is only applicable for the customers who carry out periodic maintenance at least once a year with the authorized dealer. This service is valid for 365 days from the last date of the periodic service. With this initiative, Mercedes is striving to provide hassle free ownership experience.

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