MV Agusta Smart Clutch System Unveiled. Claims to Improve Rideability

MV Agusta Smart Clutch System Unveiled which is a semi-automatic gearbox that enables to control and leave it in auto however he wishes to ride

When you say ‘The Most Beautiful Motorcycle’, the image that comes to your mind is that of a slick looking, faired italian motorcycle, usually sporting a red paint shade. And no you aren’t wrong. The Italians have mastered the art of wooing people like us into owning those absolutely lavish looking toys. And when we talk Italy, it would be a sin to not mention the legendary bike maker – MV Agusta.

MV Agusta was once at the pinnacle of motorcycle technology and design. However, in the past two decades, MV has had quite a tough time. Their sales declined drastically and their motorcycles too were plagued due to old-school, not-so-easy to use software that was also intrusive which made buyers look for other options. Add the higher price and the poor reliability to the mix and MV was seeing its dark days.

This time, however, MV looks determined and is planning to make a splendid comeback. With the launch of their latest models, things are looking good. There are pushing their limits to introduce new technology and an array of electronics in their upcoming bikes.


The Italian brand recently has unveiled a very first ‘Smart Clutch System’ which will be first seen in the Turismo Veloce 800. This system will allow the rider to choose between manual and auto clutch options. The technology was developed by Rekluse. With the Auto System, the rider would not find a need to use the clutch. This system will prevent the motorcycle from stalling and can also be paired with MV’s quick-shift system.

This is a proprietary of MV and enables electronic management of clutch. The ‘Smart Clutch System’ or SCS took over two years to be fully developed and tested. Another feature that sets it apart from traditional clutches is the transparent clutch cover. This reminds us of the old generation dry clutches. We’re glad that MV is coming up such amazing technologies, which not only add to the safety of the rider but also make riding a bit more enjoyable and easier.

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