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Myth Busting High-Performance Electric Sportsbikes That Match ICEs Counterparts

Myths, Myths and more Myths…! Electric bikes don’t speed as fast as regular bikes! The e-bike designs are just not great! Petrol bikes are much more powerful than e-bikes! – So many misconceptions and half-baked truths are going around about electric vehicles. Defying such myths surrounding electric vehicles, we can see a widespread adoption of EVs amongst bike-enthusiasts and passionate youth driving the demand for superbikes and sports bikes. Moreover, there is a huge demand for these EV two-wheelers in the market because of their benefits in today’s hectic lifestyle routine, along with an attractive option in the mobility sector to get rid of environmental impact.

What does a two-wheeler enthusiast require? A comfortable but stylish design, high motor power, good mileage to estimate fuel costs, and adequate speed. If all this is possible in an electric vehicle, why do we need to depend on expensive fuel resources like Petrol?

The electric two-wheeler (e-2W) industry is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 75-80% over FY22-FY25. This would result in e-2Ws contributing 7-10% of the overall 2W sales by FY25 from contributing below 1% as of FY21, according to India Ratings & Research (Ind-Ra) study. New model launches over the next few years with better specifications and performance of e-scooters at par with ICE vehicles are entering this space.

Couple of notable high-speed/performance electric-vehicle 2-wheelers waiting to hit the Indian roads:-

Trouve - Hyper Sports Bike

Trouve Motors is a manufacturer of high-speed electric motorcycles, bringing in Block-chain integrated structure with its own metaverse ecosystem. Trouve will launch a new range of bikes and cars. The production will soon kickstart and the vehicles are likely to hit the market by 2023.

Hyper Sports Electric Bike: Trouve will roll out an advanced hyper-sports bike, which is designed to reach a speed of over 200 km/hr and also a range of around 350-500 km. A versatile Chasis which will be used to make four bikes – Hyper sports bike, toned down Indian version, Naked street bike and Enduro, to cater to all segments of the customers in a small turnaround time.

Ultraviolette-F77-india-launch-electric-motorcycle (2)

Ultraviolette Automotive, funded by TVS Motor Company, among other investors having it’s manufacturing and assembling facility in the Electronics City, Bengaluru is readying itself for the commercial launch of its high-performance electric motorcycle, the F77.

The Ultraviolette F77 will be available from the first half of 2022. The F77 is a ‘Made in India’ high-performance electric motorcycle with a 0-60 kmph acceleration in 2.9 seconds, and a top speed of 140 kmph. With a claimed range of 150 km, the F77 is a smart and connected electric motorcycle with remote diagnostics, over-the-air (OTA) updates, regenerative braking, multiple ride modes, bike tracking, ride diagnostics and several other features.

3.) HOP Electric Mobility:

OXO ebike

HOP Electric Mobility, a boutique electric vehicle manufacturer, recently opened a state-of-art HOP Megaplex in Jaipur. The Megaplex is currently producing the highly popular HOP LEO, HOP LYF. Soon-to-be-launched HOP OXO, an indigenous hi-speed electric motorcycle and HOP’s generation upgrade of LYF (internally named LYF2.0) will also be produced through this facility

OXO e-bike
HOP OXO and the high-speed electric scooter will feature, super-sleek designs with maximum comfort elements. The electric scooter and motorcycle are expected to have a real-world range of over 150 km and 120 km respectively on a single charge. ‘HOP OXO’ bike zips at a speed of over 80/90 Kmph, picking that pace in less than 10 seconds. HOP OXO is a promising, 21st-century bike that a quintessential young biker wants. The bike swiftly accelerates without making any sound and with no pollution, the fast and silent hi-tech EV-bike will soon be hitting the Indian roads.

More so in today’s era, when traditional fuels prices are getting expensive, HOP models are remarkably economical, costing approximately INR 20 paise/km.

Emflux 1

4.) Emflux Motors was founded in 2016 to harness the potential of Electric technology to change the landscape of mobility. Emflux mission is to empower 10 Million electric two wheeler’s in India by 2027 with a two-pronged market focus – firstly build brand and loyalty by producing high-performance electric motorcycles and secondly create an ecosystem of partner OEMs to whom they will become the technology and component supplier.

Emflux One, an electric sports bike, will be launched in 2022. The Emflux One has a top speed of 200 kmph with an acceleration of 0-100 kmph in just 3 seconds. The Emflux One electric superbike is equipped with Liquid Cooled AC Induction Motor of 50KW peak power. Appealing to the youth, the sports bike comprises of 7″ touch TFT Display, GPS navigation, Real time vehicle diagnostics, Mobile App, etc. Emflux One is armed sturdy top-of-the-line components like powerful Brembo brakes with dual-channel ABS, single-sided swingarm, Ohlin’s suspension and a fully connected smart dashboard with artificial intelligence capabilities.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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