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Navi Modified With Touring Accessories Is Far Ahead Of What Even Honda Offers

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Navi Modified With Touring Accessories Is done by Sahyadri Moto who are responsbile for modification like these on all types of bikes

Here is the well equipped Navi or we can call it as NAVI-Gator from Sahyadri Moto, now you guys must have been thinking why are we calling it a NAVI-Gator and whats so different about the Honda Navi scooter. Well we are here to tell you about why this Navi scooter has grabbed everyone’s attention and whats so special about it. Arnub Majumdar aka the Motornomad had contacted Sahyadri Moto and the man approached this motorworks which is very famous for upgrading your personal motorcycle for long hauls and adventurous road trips. Arnub Majumdar made an urgent request to sahyadrify his Navi scooter for his 7000 km road trip across India, Nepal and Bhutan to raise awareness for the drought harmed farmers in Tamil Nadu.

Yes, you heard it right 7000 Km on a 110 cc scooter. There is a very well known proverb-Even the largest avalanche is triggered by the small things. Sahyadri Moto has been helping Arnub to built is scooter and they have developed a luggage system for this mini scooter employing a 32L Hepco Becker top case along with space for loading 2x petrol cans on either sides using saddle stays with extended supports. The rear is all equipped with storage spaces for keeping up with supplies when needed.

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The front of the Navi Modified comes with a exoskeletal crashguard with ample bungee hooks to secure luggage under the tank. The Honda Navi is also equipped with 2x10W LED lights which will be very helpful in providing good amount of light while riding in the night.

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The ride will be across 4 nations on some of the very toughest off-road terrain in the world-The Mustang Valley in Nepal. the Spiti-Kaza Circuit. The Manali Leh highway with the final destination at the Siachen Base Camp. And all of this will be done by a 110 cc scooter the Honda Navi, which has been specially modified for the 7000 km ride.

Apurva Arvind Ambep
Apurva Arvind Ambep
Dear heavenly spirit... Thank you for providing us with direct port nitrous injection, four core intercoolers, ball bearing turbos and..umm titanium valve springs. Thank you !!! Love is in the #Boost

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