New Pulsar NS200 Commercial Blows Away Your Perspective As Bajaj Makes Another Unique Advert


Apologies for the BuzzFeed inspirational headline but this New Pulsar NS200 Commercial is like nothing you have ever seen before or probably will

Bajaj is known for making some seriously good adverts. They have the ever green Pulsar Maniac advert, the acclaimed Fastest Indian advert for the 220, the bespoke approach towards the old 2008 Pulsar 200 and after that Bajaj has continued with the streak but has taken more ‘foreign’ approach. The motorcycles seemed to filmed by people from Asian or South American countries. Prime example was the AS200 advert where the Tomatino festival was recreated for the bike and everything was pretty much ‘foreign’ about it.

The NS200 has had its advert before, but this, for some reason, Bajaj has done it with a bunch of SUMO WRESTLERS. A rather different take on the entire thing is clearly seen in the video. Whether Bajaj continues to take a dig at its Japanese rivals (Remember the Hunto Advert?) or wanted to turn the tides of what it has been doing over the past, but that too, this time, comes with a twist.

The SUMO WRESTLERS seen getting ready for a fight which ends in a DRAG RACE and then start doing things which is best seen and not explained for reasons unknown. The advert is so out of the box that people are claiming it to be fake, but it does look rather real. We haven’t been able to trace the origins of where the advert comes from and by that we mean which country that Bajaj exports to, has come up with this commercial.

The film claims to be made in 2017 but features older 2016 models. The 2017 model that were launched two days back have no resemblance to these motorcycles. Whatever this may turn out to be but it is one good laugh and at the same time it yet again shows that Bajaj continues to be the king of awkward commercials in a good way or in very witty ways.

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