Saturday, April 1, 2023

Piaggio 1 Electric Scooter Revealed At EICMA

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Piaggio 1 combines the winning features of the latest e-scooter – agile and lightweight for urban commuting as well as minimalist and practical – with the quality and reliability of Piaggio scooters.

First and foremost, this means safety, thanks to a solid frame and suspension designed for riding pleasure, but also an attractive design, comfort, and high-level rideability, as well as a full technological package that includes digital colour instrumentation, full LED lighting, and a keyless system. Piaggio 1 is also the only e-scooter in its category with a spacious under-seat storage compartment, large enough to hold a full jet helmet.


Thanks to the changes made to the Power Unit, the electric motor that powers Piaggio 1 range, built in on the rear wheel, is now capable of providing better performance, which translates into a quicker and easier ride in city traffic that is characterised by frequent stops and starts, as well as more power on hills.

The moped version (Piaggio 1), with speed limited to 45 km/h, can now count on almost double the peak power at 2.3 kW, whereas the motorbike version (Piaggio 1 Active) reaches 3 kW peak power. The result is a significant increase in acceleration which goes up 14% on Piaggio 1 and almost 12% on Piaggio 1 Active.

With both versions, the battery is located beneath the seat, easily removable in just a few seconds and portable so it can be conveniently charged at home or in the office.

Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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