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Quick Price Comparison – Tata Safari vs Hyundai Alcazar Vs MG Hector Plus

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Hyundai has recently launched its Alcazar SUV in the Indian market at a starting price of Rs 16.30 lakh (ex-showroom, India). The SUV is available in both 6-seat and 7-seat version and in this price comparison chart, we pit it against the Tata Safari and MG Hector Plus to find which one of these three values offers maximum bang for your buck.
Petrol Variants
As Tata Safari is only available with the choice of diesel engine, the comparison in the petrol variants gets limited only between Hyundai Alcazar and MG Hector Plus.
Hyundai Alcazar MG Hector Plus

• Prestige – Rs 16.30 lakh/ Rs 16.45 lakh (6-seat)
• Prestige AT (6-seat) – Rs 17.93 lakh
• Platinum – Rs 18.22 lakh
• Signature (6-seat) – Rs 18.71 lakh
• Platinum AT (6-seat) – Rs 19.56 lakh
• Signature AT (6-seat) – Rs 19.85 lakh

Hector Plus

• Style (7-seat) – Rs 13.62 lakh
• Super Hybrid (7-seat) – Rs 15.12 lakh
• Smart DCT/CVT – Rs 17.49 lakh
• Sharp Hybrid – Rs 18.12 lakh
• Sharp DCT/CVT – Rs 19.17 lakh

Tata Safari vs Hyundai Alcazar Vs MG Hector Plus

It can be easily seen from the table that MG Hector Plus is more affordable with lower prices for both base variant and top-end model. Specifically, the comparison for the base variant reveals a substantial price difference of Rs 2.83 lakh between the two SUVs. However, it is also to be noted that Alcazar is better equipped with its entry-level variant featuring the long list of equipment.

All New Hyundai Alcazar Launched in India!

Diesel Comparison

In diesel variants, Tata Safari comes out on top with the lowest starting price although MG Hector plus is not far behind. Hyundai Alcazar, on the other hand, is again pricier than both Tata and MG at base model although the top-trim of the Tata is the costliest among the three.
Hyundai Alcazar MG Hector Plus Tata Safari

• Prestige – Rs 16.53 lakh/ Rs 16.68 lakh (6-seat)
• Prestige AT – Rs 18.01 lakh
• Signature (6-seat) – Rs 18.94 lakh
• Platinum AT (6-seat) – Rs 19.79 lakh
• Signature AT (6-seat) – Rs 20 lakh

Hector Plus

• Style (7-seat) – Rs 15.03 lakh
• Super (7-seat) – Rs 16.13 lakh/ Rs 16.27 lakh (6-seat)
• Smart (7-seat) – Rs 17.99 lakh/Rs 18.09 lakh (6-seat)
• Select (7-seat) – Rs 18.80 lakh
• Sharp – Rs 19.60 lakh

Tata Safari

• XE – Rs 14.99 lakh
• XM – Rs 16.36 lakh
• XMA AT – Rs 17.25 lakh
• XT – Rs 17.81 lakh
• XT+ – Rs 18.61 lakh
• XZ – Rs 19.51 lakh
• XZ Plus (6-seat) – Rs 20.35 lakh
• XZA – Rs 20.76 lakh
• XZA+ – Rs 21.61 lakh

2021 Tata Safari Launched! – Stellar Pricing!

Again, the comfort offered by Hyundai is in the league of its own with even the base variant of Alcazar offering some high-rated features that are available on higher trims of the rival offerings. By stuffing more features, Hyundai has sought to justify its premium pricing and going by Alcazar’s sales figures, it seems that the gamble has paid off well. However, Safari and Hector Plus are more serious 7-seater players with bigger diesel engines. We will driving the Alcazar, stay tuned for a review.

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