RE ThunderBird 500 Modified Into A Modern Muscular Avatar is Pin-Point Precise In Our Books


Eimor Custom’s RE ThunderBird 500 Modified is the just right with a sleek tail-lamp, dual headlamps and perfect wheels and tyres combination

Eimor Custom’s new creation is called the Ivory Black and they have done a fantastic job with a Thunderbird 500 as a base motorcycle. Guys at Eimor says that the motorcycle came from Berhampur, Odisha to them. The customer requirement saw told that this bike deserves an aggressive look, and by looking at the design, one can say the motorcycle does look rather interesting, muscular and very futuristic for a Royal Enfield. Eimor Custom have used 15-inch alloy wheel at the back and 19-inch alloys in the front, which has bulkier tyres than the stock version.

As a result, the mudguards have been custom made with its new fitting points which is shorty and stubby and highlights the muscular stance of the lower part of the motorcycle. The twin headlamp is just a perfect fit and gels beautifully with the motorcycle. The blacked out metal casted indicator lamps add more modern touch to the motorcycle.

The broad thick pipe handle bars just go along very well. The front forks have gator on the top part to preserve the macho and slight retro effect to the motorcycle. The tail lamp is a LED strip light which looks right out of a movie. That has been coupled with integrated indicators and a nice rear number plate with brake lights on the top just looks nice. The side panel which the “Thunderbird” embossing looks great!

The seat is very comfortable unit claimed by Eimor Custom. RE ThunderBird 500 Modified is painted in matte black with Grey graphics and the tank is painted in Pearl white with gold leaf lettering and black pinstripes. Overall, we always liked the Thunderbird for its approach, with this new one, the Thunderbird became more aspirational.

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