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Friday, July 19, 2024
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Renault Kwid Live For More Collection Announced – 7 New Style Variants On Offer

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Kwid Live For More from Renault are here To spice things ip and keep the product relevant and increase market share

Kwid has been doing exceptionally well for the company. The manufacturer ends up selling a lot of this hatchback and has cemented itself in the Indian car market with this product along with the Duster. Manufacturer wants to do more every day and today they have announced the same with an existing product.

The Kwid has been known for offering a lot more graphics, accessories and decal kits than any of its rivals, something that has worked rather well with the masses. Renault today silently announced that it has introduced 7 more variants with the same idea in the country. The manufacturer has rolled out variants such as the Zipp, Race, Rally Cross, Turbo, Classic and Chase variants to make sure the Kwid stays relevant and quirky as before to attract audience.

Kwid continues with the same design language though which is of an micro SUV that worked right the mass market. Renault is being generous and is offering all these schemes with all engine and transmission options there are on offer. So the Kwid variants will come with the 800cc and 1000cc manual and automatic AMT variant.

Specs and other bits continues to be the same for Kwid Live For More collection. All variants are offered in different colors and the highlight is the decals on the exterior of the car. While Rally Cross variant has the decals that run from the rear door from all the way till the C-Pillar, something that is also seen on the Sports edition.

Race edition has decals below the A-Pillar and above the wheel arches. Other variants also continue in the same fashion. All these are also available in 5 colors that Renault already offers with the Kwid since launch. Expect similar pricing as before. Renault is making sure it has enough market share in the category as it set to reach its target of 5%. This move along with many other will make sure that happens.

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