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Selling Your Car? The Value of Replacing the Battery

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When you’re planning to sell your car, it pays to put in a bit of work before you place it on the market. While gathering your service records and cleaning your vehicle inside and out are key measures, you might be wondering if maintenance issues like battery replacement should be taken care of as well. Here’s what you should know about the benefits of getting a new car battery when you’re about to sell your car.

Improved Reliability
Your car’s reliability is an important factor for prospective buyers, but you might overlook how critical it can be even before you seal the deal. That’s because while there’s never a good time to be stuck with a dead battery, when your auto’s on the market it’s a bigger worry than usual.

Imagine you’re on your way to meet a potential buyer, when suddenly your car won’t start. Your vehicle is going to make a poor impression on the person who was interested in it, and the deal is likely to fall through altogether. By replacing your aged battery before selling your car, you benefit from having a reliable way to get around while you still own the vehicle and you won’t risk fouling up a promising transaction.

Increased Resale Value
The less maintenance a buyer has to do on a used car, the more likely he or she is to offer top dollar for it. When an interested party pops the hood on your vehicle and the first thing he or she sees is a dirty or corroded battery or battery terminal, that’s a big red flag that your car might not be worth the price you’re asking.

Spending a few dollars to put in a fresh battery and to replace damaged terminals goes a long way toward signaling that your car has been well cared for. Providing the receipt for this and other recently replaced or repaired items helps justify a higher asking price and increases buyer confidence.

Easy Replacement When You Know These Tips
If you think replacing your battery right before selling your car is too much of a hassle, consider these tips to simplify the process:
Shop from a website that offers VIN lookup, so it’s easy to find the right battery for your automobile
Choose a seller with curbside pickup or home delivery options for convenience

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Buy from a retailer that does a high volume of sales, so you know the battery you purchase hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for too long and that you’ll get a fair price. Now that you know the value, and ease, of replacing the battery in your automobile before you sell it, it’s time to start shopping. Visit the website of a trusted name in online retail car parts to see a wide range of options, add an affordable and reliable new battery to your cart, and complete your sale. Soon you’ll have a fresh, new battery in your vehicle, and you’ll be all set to ask top dollar when you put your wheels up for sale!

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