Six Tips to Make Your Weekend Old School SUV Trip Fruitful, Informed and Awesome


Six Tips to Make Your Weekend Old School SUV Trip Fruitful, Informed and Awesome and it is even better with the new Endevaour which is a very competent vehicle

There’s no feeling quite like hitting the road and getting out of town. Whatever flavor you may like when it comes to going off the beaten track with your rugged SUV. Let it be desert off-roading, a weekend ski getaway, heading deep into the forest to camp and stargaze around the fire and no matter whatever you choose to do, it helps you take a break from the mundane and you’re in for a treat and provides memories that last a lifetime.

These journey can be extraordinary and it should be done in the right vehicle, but driving off-road without fully understanding how to approach different conditions can be intimidating – and even dangerous. So here are some tips to help you get the most out of your journey and take on the world which is full of difficulties the moment you leave the paved roads. Ford is kind enough to give you tips and tricks to maneuver the SUV in any given terrain since they developed the new and extremely potent Endeavor.

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Feel the Sand Between Your, Tires!
When driving in deep sand it’s important to maintain momentum and keep engine RPMs high. If you don’t, you run the risk of sinking. Sand mode on the Endeavour’s Terrain Management System helps avoid this in a few ways: For example, upshifting later and downshifting earlier so the engine RPMs remain high, reducing traction control intervention to allow your wheels to keep spinning; and dramatically increasing the sensitivity of the throttle so that small foot inputs make greater response. All this helps keep you moving smoothly through the dunes.

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Get Muddy!
When heading through extreme terrain with deep mud, you want to avoid wheel slippage and keep momentum to avoid getting stuck. On slippery surfaces like mud and melting snow, it’s vital to keep the vehicle under complete control to avoid breaking traction. Not only do the Endeavour’s Snow, Mud, and Grass mode dull throttle inputs, upshift earlier and downshift later to help keep the engine from revving too high, but it can also be used in conjunction with the Electronic Locking Rear Differential, which can lock the rear axle when necessary. The Endeavour’s Torque on Demand system ensures torque is sent to the wheels that still have traction, so you can be confident you will keep moving forward, even in the slipperiest of situations.

Enjoy the Sounds of Nature
The Endeavour’s Active Noise Cancelling comes into play and can make city driving quieter and more comfortable. However, once you’re in the wild remember to put your windows down and enjoy the sounds of nature. Let it be a top cold wind of the mountains or the burbling of a roiling river. You can also do this while taking advantage of the Endeavour’s best-in-class 800mm water wading – is entirely up to you.


Rock Out on the Rocks
It’s wise to know your vehicle’s dimensions, capabilities and most importantly, its ground clearance. and once you are sure of these three elements and then take the SUV or the Endeavour for instance, the brawny SUV has 225mm of ground clearance will give you the confidence you need to tackle the toughest off-road environments with ease.

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Have Complete Control!
Negotiating tough slopes can be a task. However, hold the Endeavour’s steering wheel and experience the control of hill descent feature. HDC (The synonym usually used) uses the brake system to take you downhill at a safe & steady pace. The system essentially takes care of the optimum acceleration and braking required on slopes. So you can take the shorter, steeper route down the hill with your foot off the pedals and let the SUV take control while you manage just the steering.

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Go Star Gazing
There are few better ways to end a day of tough off-roading after escaping the city. The Endeavour’s panoramic moon roof covers the first and second rows, and provides a window to the stars. Covering an area larger than a 46-inch widescreen television, it’s the ultimate HD display.

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