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Sporty TVS Motorcycles Get More Focus – Here is How! Akula Launch Dates This Time Look Confirmed

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Sporty TVS Motorcycles Get More Focus as the company is now giving dedicated jobs to specific teams to go ahead and take the market from rivals

TVS is currently busy in creating a whole new division dedicated to premium motorcycles and export business only. The new organisation will be headed by Arun Siddhart, formerly VP-Marketing. Premium mid-sized motorcycles have become the talk of the town these days and today mid-capacity motorcycles are increasingly coming into the market and dominating them too.

Keeping this in mind all the big Indian manufacturers have been entering the 250-7500cc class. Big names like Royal Enfield and Bajaj have already started working on this long back. Royal Enfield will soon offer a larger-capacity twin cylinder motorcycle , while Bajaj has announced their tie-up with Triumph Motorcycles for developing mid-sized bikes.

TVS has their own alliance with BMW and will soon launch the much awaited Apache RR310 which is based on the Akula concept. Like we say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Keeping all these competition in mind TVS has recently undertaken major internal restructuring in which a whole new department has been created that will deal with only premium category motorcycles and international business. The main focus of this newly constructed department will be on overseas sales as well as current and upcoming premium motorcycles from TVS. The current premium segment holds the Apache brand and the upcoming production version of the Akula concept which we believe will be named as the Apcahe RR310s.

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Arun Siddharth will be the one handling the premium category motorcycles and also the international business. He will define the brand strategy, product definition and management for the segment motorcycle business. Arun Siddharth will also continue to head TVS Racing initiatives. This is a clear sign from TVS Motors about them being pretty serious about getting into the mid-sized premium motorcycle market and we can surely some exciting new products from TVS in the future. As for now the company is all set to launch the Apache RR310S and is busy escalating the process before the launch. We can expect the highly anticipated motorcycle to go on sale by mid to late November, leaving out any further delays.

Apurva Arvind Ambep
Apurva Arvind Ambep
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