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TAMO RACEMO Is the New Sports Car From Tata Motors, Will Drive in Real and Virtual Life!

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TAMO RACEMO comes with a mid-engined layout and carries the 1.2 Revotron petrol motor which makes 190 PS of power and it is even more than that!!

Tata has done something truly spectacular with the unveil of its new much awaited sports car. Tata always had plans to make a sports car and almost decades ago it showcased us the Futuro. Today, as Tata Motors makes a massive leap, the car has changed and so is the motive and design and today we have an all new sports car by the name of RACEMO. The car is two door mid-engined car that bespoke in every way. Engineers from around Tata facilities in the world has worked upon the car. The car is set to be made in Mumbai and the best part is that it will be launched in the year 2017 itself in India. Post that, the world will get the sports car soon as well. Details are here, but not entirely.

The car comes with a 1.2 Revotron petrol motor which is turbocharged to churn out 190 PS of power. The design is the highlight of the car with a fantastic stance and design. The very racy looking front-end and the side profile which has the doors which open in a very sports car fashion are offered. The rear is quite muscular and futuristic and does look rather intimidating, ideal for a sports car then. Expect the car the come in the year 2017 itself and will be series production car.

Tata Motors hasn’t said that they will keep it as a limited edition unit. The car is expected to be priced around the Rs. 25 to 30 lakh and should garner a lot of attention and sales then. Car comes with a host of feature developed with the help of Microsoft and is connected in every way claims Tata. How good is it? The wait is there, but isn’t as big, so stay tuned for more!

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