More Pictures Of Tata Harrier Surface – Ready To Launch Version Spotted – Are you Excited?


More Pictures Of Tata Harrier Surface, but fine powertrain details still remain a mystery

Giving a glimpse of the future generation of Tata Motors SUVs in terms of design, technology and sheer capabilities, TATA HARRIER is not only the Company’s first vehicle to sport the IMPACT 2.0 Design language but is also the inaugural offering of the ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ Architecture. Pictures Of Tata Harrier are here along with finer details.

Born of legendary pedigree with sleek looks and dynamism, Tata Harrier marries an extremely robust architecture to the future facing design language, making it luxurious yet practical, comfortable yet versatile and power packed yet easy to drive says Tata Motors.

This 5 seater monocoque SUV is engineered on the new generation ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’ Architecture, which is developed on Land Rover’s D8 Architecture. This unique architecture will offer good driving dynamics in urban and rough road environments as a result of the optimized torsional and bending stiffness. Manufactured on an advanced automated line, the Harrier will set new benchmarks for SUVs with its robust build quality.

The auxiliary isolation panels will help create a quiet and refined in-cabin experience. Additionally, the extensive use of advanced high strength steel will offer superior strength while the efficiently designed crumple zones will provide unmatched safety for its occupants. Expected to be a game changer for the SUV segment in India, the Harrier is set to become the new benchmark for SUV’S in early 2019.

Pictures Of Tata Harrier reveal how the production-spec Tata Harrier will look like. Just like the Nexon, the Harrier too will be very similar to the concept car and will be bestowed with Tata’s Impact 2.0 design. Easily visible are the 19-inch wheels, which unlike the 22-inch wheels on the concept, are smaller and leave more gap between wheel arches. Although the car was spied with sleek LED headlights. Also, a feature that will make its way to the production version is the ‘humanity line’, as Tata calls it, which connects the headlights, the grille and the fog lamp surrounds.

Pictures-photos-tata-harrier-spyshots (12)

Interestingly, the interiors will offer dual tone in colour and the dashboard features a duo-layer design. The car is likely to come equipped with a touchscreen-enabled infotainment system and buttons for memory function for front seats as well as a new chunky steering wheel.

As we stated earlier, the Tata Harrier will very likely use the Fiat sourced 2.0-litre diesel engine that powers the Compass too. However, the power output will differ with the 5-seat variant putting out 140 hp while the 7-seat version making around 170 hp. Tata is likely to equip the car with a homemade dual clutch gearbox. With an expected launch in the start of 2019 and a competitive price tag, the Harrier could be a chart-topper.

Tata making dual clutch gearbox

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