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Tata Hexa Ride Modes Confirmed, Speculative Prices and Launch Dates Are Out!

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Tata Hexa Ride Modes Confirmed, Speculative Prices and Launch Dates suggest that the Hexa is set to be the next big thing from Tata Motors

Tata Motors is slowly but steadily finding its footing back in the Indian market. The next big product from Tata that promises and holds huge responsibility on its shoulders is the upcoming Tata Hexa. Spied on numerous occasions and recently showed its off-road prowess in an event, Tata Hexa will have January 2017 launch. Interestingly, the butch looking off-road capable MPV will come with what is called ‘Super Drive Modes’. These ‘Super Drive Modes’ are designed to work in tandem with the cars new Electronic Stability Program or ESP. To operate these modes, the driver would need to us a smart looking rotary knob present on the central console. Clearly as the name suggests, these ‘Super Drive Modes’ let the driver chose the best mode according to the surrounding. Through this system, the driver would be able to seamlessly switch through a total of four driving modes.


The modes have been named – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road. These would let the Hexa to be as comfortable as possible on any kind of terrain, a boon for our sort of road (or a lack of it) infrastructure. We also liked how Tata has included ambient lighting that works in conjunction with the Super Drive Modes’. The ambient lighting change is as per the driving mode chosen. The chosen driving mode also shows up on the good looking central instrument cluster display as well. To enable the occupants comfort and safety, this system continuously monitors Hexa across different terrains. Tata claims that the system can provide instant feedback and timely alerts to the driver, with enhanced traction, better vehicle composure and handling, thus enabling smooth, effortless and seamless driving– from heavy traffic to wide open roads.


As per Tata, the Auto Mode takes care of most of the Hexa’s performance automatically. It essentially focuses on the stability and traction at all times while maneuverability is maintained even in extreme situations. Further in the Comfort Mode, Hexa’s engine takes care of delivering precise power, allowing constant cruising speeds on the highway and improving control without loss of ride comfort, for long journeys.

The Dynamic Mode is self explanatory; it provides the best performance for Hexa with maximum power and acceleration In this mode the Hexa’s ESP kicks in later, or at just about the right time, to ensure safety. The last, Rough Road mode is designed for your off-road uncharted land excursions or your city roads in monsoon state drives. It lets the driver handle the unyielding obstacles by optimizing braking performance causing wheel lock ups in a controlled manner. It is to be noted that the Tata Hexa AT might not get the much talked about ‘Super Drive Modes’. When launched in January 2017, the Tata Hexa will be priced around 12.5 lakhs for base variant while the top-end would cost 17.5, both prices ex-showroom.

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