Tata Tiago Sport Hot Hatch Petrol Version Confirmed! Launch in Late 2017

Tata Tiago Sport Hot Hatch Petrol Version Confirmed! will use the same petrol engine that is has but with a bigger turbo to produce 40% more power

Tata is on a roll and is listening to every single ear in the market. When we tested the car like other media outlets, we complained that the power wasn’t enough! Why? Because the chassis and dynamics capabilities of the car is so good that it deserves a bigger engine and a better of, a turbo petrol engine. Tata seem to have confirmed this fact and it is set to launch a very hot version of the Tiago. The Tiago certainly has kicked really well in the market as we know from these numbers Here.

So what can we expect from the Tiago Sport this time, in this new avatar? Well, the same petrol engine that the Tiago has. As we know this motor is really good as it is an all new motor. Naturally aspirated, 3-cylinder motor making around 80 BHP of power. However, this new version will get new electronics, same driving modes and a very big turbo. The turbo is set to make a whopping, wait for it, 120 BHP! Yes, the Tiago will make as much power as the Bolt Sport was supposed to make.


There is another news that the Bolt Sport won’t make it to production because the model did not work out well in the market. Tiago on the other hand has worked wonders. This could be a true revolution in the hot hatch market. A market where the acceptance for these models is growing rapidly now.

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Baleno RS is coming, Polo GT TSi exists, Punto Abarth needs no introduction and wolf is sheep’s clothing are the Ford Figo Twins, which get the 1.5 litre petrol engine with a dual clutch gearbox which also makes a lot of power north 100 BHP. Pricing could be under 10 Lakhs for this model quite easily and it can under cut its rivals as well. Given the fact the Tiago is already quite good and only lacks power, the Tiago Hot Hatch will be something really special for the enthusiast to look forward too!

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