2016 Vespa 150 SXL Review, Road Test


2016 Vespa 150 SXL has the 150cc version which is bored out of the 125cc variant that has been discontinued in the market

Enchanting –

  • Retro Design, unique colors to choose from
  • Powerful engine with decent efficiency
  • Practical and comfortable

Unsatisfying –

  • Priced a bit higher
  • Scarce dealership, period.

Price 91,400 On-road Delhi

Piaggio is a on a roll in the country. The group is making sure it gets heard with the every single brand it owns in the country. Right from the Italian exotic cruiser brand Moto Guzzi to the super sport and ravishing super bikes from the stable of the Aprilia. Aprilia just launched the SR 150 scooter as well. A product which can take the company to new heights in the country when it comes to private vehicle sales. However, today we have an icon with us. The scooter needs no introduction you have seen beautiful things ride these beautiful products for quite some time now, half a decade to be precise? Not really, but almost there. Next year is that when that happens. However, we have something that is an engine donor to the recently launched SR 150 Aprilia scooter.

Yes, we rode the Vespa 150, probably one of the last guys to test it! Why did we do it? Because we wanted to know what is it like and what’s the difference between the two. We rode them back to back with just a few days of difference. What is the Vespa 150 then? We can give quick comparo hints as well in this short review and we can also give you an idea of whether you should be getting this or the new Aprilia SR 150. For now, let’s stick what the Vespa 150 SXL has to offer.


Design The styling continues to be the same with the Vespa of the past. The Vespa 125 S got the square headlight on the front and the rest of it was the same. All of it remains the same as well with the Vespa 150 SXL as well. The same retro appeal with the new side panel at the rear, the front mudguard is shape is quite modern though. The front Apron is large and seamless connects to the footboard of the scooter.

The protruding tail-lamp at the rear has minute changes and at the front you get a large windscreen to make sure high speed don’t bother the scooter that it is capable of. The exhaust continues to be similar unit as before too. Overall, the retro scooter has its charm till date and even more so in brighter colors.

Speedo And Switchgear Part digital and part analogue meter continue with the scooter. Digital part shows tell-tale lights which include fuel warning indicators, two trip meters, odometer along with a high beam button and turn-indicators which aren’t solitary units. Switches are high quality and chunky at the same time to use. There is a separate mode button switch to toggle things in the digital meter.

Ergonomics and Practicality Upright riding position and scooped out foot rest for rider legs make sure you have enough confidence to ride at high speeds. However, the seat at the front is leaner than the pillion seat which is bigger. Seat contouring and comfort can be better though. Under seat storage is quite big and can take a decent size helmet inside. Mirrors are quite oddly mounted and they can spin 180 degrees. Getting the right view can take some time.


2016 Vespa 150 SXL Review, Engine

The engine is the 3-valve, air-cooled 150cc motor that makes 11.3 PS of power and 11.5 Nm of torque. There is a decent amount of driveability on offer in the city, but isn’t punchy as a low capacity scooter would offer. The rubber band effect from the CVT is quite higher than normal. All of this means there is a plus side. Mid range and top-speeds is segment best and better than any scooter in the market. A true top-speed of 110 km/hr and speedo indicated 120 km/hr is truly an eye opener to the scooter enthusiast out there for sure.

NVH levels are good for the scooter with this big engine. However, normal commuters will think it is a bit louder, but isn’t a deal breaker. There isn’t harsh noises or vibrations though. A big step up from the 125cc engine that the brand already had that this motor has been derived from. Expect a fuel efficiency of 40 km/l and 46-48 km/l on the highway given the fact it is meant to do 70-80 km/hr all day long.

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What the Vespa has and others do not is an expensive Monocoque chassis. Every other scooter and even the Aprilia SR150 comes with the underbone type chassis to keep cost down. Moncoque chassis doesn’t exactly help Vespa either. The soft suspension to make sure ride quality is good enough is done to make sure premium customers be happy. Despite that it can take sweepers and corners well at slow to medium speeds, but at the limit, it doesn’t inspire much confidence. Braking is good enough as the tyres are good and there is large 220 mm disc brake at the front with twin pot caliper. Rear continue be drum unit and work well. Overall, nothing an enthusiastic package. Want some enthusiastic? Aprilia has the answer.

2016 Vespa 150 SXL Review, Verdict

Clearly, then, the Vespa 150 SXL is meant for the masses. The scooter has retro, cute and flamboyant looks with all the color needed to bring female and stylish customers to the showroom. The Vespa continues to play with the color palette and it offers a lot of options and continues with signature color and discontinue some as well. However, as a package, the Vespa 150 SXL makes more sense now as it gets a bigger motor and more punch. Practicality remains the same and value quotient just got higher, but nowhere near its new cousin, the Aprilia SR150, which is aimed for enthusiast. Vespa will continue to get customers and there is a strong reason for it even today.

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