Thank Jeep Its Thursday!


Thank Jeep Its Thursday! Is Campagin for prospective and current Jeep Customers To Indulge In Across The Nation

The Jeep® brand represents the spirit of passion, adventure, authenticity and freedom. It is the heart of a culture that the company calls ‘Jeep® Life’, which has a global following and is picking up progressively in India.

Jeepers across the world have, over the decades, associated various aspects of their lives and lifestyles with their Jeep® adventure – from books to philosophy, sport, food and music. It’s an emotional connection that has lasted generations, just like the Jeep® SUVs that are passed on from fathers to sons to grandsons.

This is why this culture is called ‘Jeep® Life’, and it’s this experience that FCA wants to offer its customers in India as well. As part of this quest, it has introduced ‘Thank Jeep® It’s Thursday’, or TJIT.

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Music, specifically classic rock and jazz, has been central to Jeep® Life. That’s why TJIT started off with Guthrie Govan, world-renowned guitar maestro, wowing the audience at a venue to match – Hard Rock Café!

TJIT will be hosted for seven Thursdays in Hard Rock Cafés in Mumbai and Bangalore, giving Jeep’s existing and potential customers the opportunity to enjoy some very special hospitality and the work of artists like Govan.

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TJIT will not be only about music – other Jeep® Life engagement concepts related to books, art, pottery and other exciting, offbeat experiences will be included. Eventually, the number of venues will expand to dealerships across India to enable customers and prospects to experience the Jeep® brand closely.

This will complement Jeep’s fast-rising spontaneous brand recall quarter-on-quarter, especially in unaided awareness. In fact, Jeep® has excelled in the ‘brand consideration to purchase’ parameter (a customer knows exactly what he or she is buying with the least ambiguity, as compared to competitors). It has done very well also on ‘value for money’ with an additional rise with the launch of the Limited Plus. After-sales service perception and customer experience have improved considerably after the rollout of Mopar customer care.

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TJIT enhances this engagement, and is the first in a series of many initiatives to make the Jeep® brand synonymous with its values of authenticity, passion, adventure and freedom.

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