Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Toyota To Decrease Prices By Rs 9.9 Lakhs – Hyundai To Stiffen Up Suspension

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Toyota is set to reduce prices for all their cars by RS 10 lakh to make sure that they have now become a volume player. The Japanese brand is notoriously known for raising prices in lakhs 3-5 times a year and has taken this new decision to make sure that the brand becomes approachable. Reports suggest that employees will take a cut in salaries as well. The empathetic employees of Toyota India have taken this decision voluntarily. So much empathy and kindness towards the customers is a token of appreciation for the very special Indian market, that Toyota has been a part of.

Toyota’s bold move might pay off. The Fortuner, Innova and Hilux will see a skyrocketing demand and Toyota will struggle to deliver these cars well on time. Dealers might throw in more discounts to make sure they follow Toyota’s decision and delight the customers. Reports suggest the service will not remain the same. However, since reliability is top-notch, customers are willing to take a risk.

In other news, Hyundai India is to stiffen up the suspension of all its cars without branding them to N-Line and asking Rs 1 lakh for it. This move comes from the feedback from customers and critics from the last 25 years. 25 Year celebrations are being commenced in a way that delights their customers. Hyundai owners will get a giant-sized pogo stick if they miss the experience of the same as a token of fun.

Hyundai Grand i10 automatic

Consumers reading this think the world is now a better place, think again, look at the calendar and realise this is a 1st April joke to lighten you up. We are also sorry if we gave you hope. There is very little of it.

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