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Two Concepts and Many Ideas From Matter Startup At Auto Expo 2023

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Matter, an innovation-led tech start-up, showcased next-generation EVs and concepts at the Auto Expo 2023. The 6 KWh variant of the Matter-bike, India’s first geared motorbike, is built on the innovative Matter-bike platform and offers an enhanced range with fast charging capabilities under 2 hours. The price and pre-orders for the newly launched bike will be soon announced for the Indian Market.

The electric vehicle industry has witnessed significant adoption in recent years; however, it is yet to see breakthrough innovations and product variety catering to the diverse sub -segments. Matter aims to bridge the gap that has long existed in the motorbike category, and the group has been working continuously on innovations and disruptions from the ground up for India, keeping the diverse needs of the riders at the forefront and catering to all market segments Entry level, Executive, and Premium).

With the core aim to lead the complete transition to EVs, Matter is taking the best foot forward, and the company has meticulously worked on two technology concepts for the last one year: Concept EXE and Concept UT, both of which will break stereotypes and change the mobility landscape through EVs in India, setting the path of transition.

Commenting on this occasion, Founder and Group CEO, Mohal Lalbhai, said, “We are delighted to showcase our new technology offerings at the Auto Expo 2023. At Matter, we believe that we are creating the 22nd century today with sustainable energy. Aligned with that vision, we have continuously brought consumer-centric, technology-driven products and innovative solutions to the mobility and energy segments. With these innovations, we are creating options covering all the segments of Motorbikes. As a disruptor, our goal is to break stereotypes and change the way people in India use electric motorbikes, we are pledging to empower every rider with the next gen solutions which are sustainable.”

Matter Motorbike

The Matter-bike is designed from the ground up in India for India, with the next-generation features and experiences. Matter-bike combines the spirit of motorcycling and provides the rider with an unrivalled sport bike riding experience while incorporating future technology. This is India’s first geared EV Motorbike with a Hyper-shift gearbox coupled with India’s first liquid cooled 2-wheeler EV powertrain. It hosts a bi-functional Class D LED projector headlamp, a unique body mounted front blinker lights, split-style LED tail lamps, and progressive rear blinkers. The 7-inch touch screen includes 4G connectivity, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Android software, aiding call, music, navigation, and advanced ride stats. The onboard 5A charger allows you to charge anywhere on the road.

Matter Concept EXE

Concept EXE is a true representation of the spirit of progressive and aspirational youth in India. Individuals who are poised to make a significant contribution to the growth of the nation, and the new form of mobility will amplify their output. Based on the principle of aspirational future tech, Concept EXE is a breakthrough that is set to create a transformation in executive motorbike segment. The concept of this motorbike will house a swap technology for endless mile munching; the manual gearbox provides complete control of the power delivery to the rider. The progressive design and connectivity will create smart experiences that will drive the big shift to EV adoption, while being very cost effective to run and maintain. All these features will come together to create a motorbike that is modern and powerful, yet conscious of its environmental impact.

Two Concepts and Many Ideas From Matter Startup At Auto Expo 2023 (2)

Matter Concept UT

The new India has redefined the services enabled through technology; today, at the click of a button, you can get the desired item to your home in minutes. There is a rider who is working profoundly to make sure you get what you want at any moment and through any situation, whether it be food, medicine, or any online purchased product or service. On the other side, there are individuals who are traditionally carrying their goods on two-wheelers to fulfil services they render. They have been adopting the available mobility solutions, but there is a need for a solution that is specifically curated for their professional and personal needs, a solution that is futurist, non-apologetic, safe, and comfortable. The Concept-UT is that silver lining specifically developed for that new utility on the go segment. It is one-of-a-kind combination of form, function, and application while also acting as a wage-winning tool for this set of consumers. It houses a game-changing blend of innovative swappable technology for infinite riding. Coupled with connected features and cost economics. This concept will set a new precedent for the transition to EVs for the most important segment. Matter will continue to leverage the Concept UT platform with many new application possibilities fulfilling the needs of diverse utility subsegments across India.

Two Concepts and Many Ideas From Matter Startup At Auto Expo 2023 (1)

HomeDock Inverter

The smart home dock is energized by a dual-purpose battery solution, which can be used for both mobility and domestic energy storage applications. This lithium-ion battery solution will be built on the principles of battery swapping technology to power a two-wheeler and home inverter interchangeably. The use of lithium-ion batteries in domestic applications is an exciting step forward towards a cleaner future. The smart connectivity features will enable connected experiences via the smart home ecosystem and mobile connected features. Matter Energy and the home inverter segment leader Luminous power have joined hands to create and distribute this new innovative product to every corner of India and abroad.

Matter Energy Showcases its Li-Ion Energy Storage Products and Battery Swapping Concept


Swap ME! is the concept of its upcoming battery swapping ecosystem. This swapping ecosystem is the result of the group’s R&D efforts on future product lines delivering supreme E-mobility solutions. The ecosystem is built with state-of-the-art technology and service models with features like, swap system, data integration, thermal management, predictive AI, and a smart user interface. This ecosystem will enable different service models to flourish and cater to the demands of the users. Swap ME! stations are quick plug-and-play docks, one can swap batteries in less than a minute aiding the riding requirement by the segments.

Matter’s battery swapping technology will cater to battery packs for two- and three-wheelers. The Swap ecosystem is technology-enabled and connected, so consumers can refill on the go. The Swap ME! is supported by a smart GUI and mobile application, which keeps you up to date on a variety of metrics such as SoC, SoH, SoP, Battery Temperature, Voltage, Amperage, and Number of Cycles.

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