Vespa Elettrica India Launch Under Consideration


Looking at the Indian two-wheeler market we can confirm that scooters are no alien concept to us. There are a plethora of manufacturers in the scooter segments and with the gradual drift and shift to the electric mobility, it is only right that we see new electric scoots being launched. With all the climax given, here’s another electric scooter that is likely to be seen on the Indian soil, the Vespa. Vespa Elettrica India launch is said to be on the cards.

Now, we all are aware of Vespa; a retro-looking modern-day scooter that can surely make you bat an eye. And in a couple of years, the e-Vespa will make its debut and go on sale. For the international markets, Elettrica is what they have got. Its a premium offering scooter with 5.4hp from the 4.2 kWh lithium-ion battery. Moreover, the range on a fully charged battery is 100 km.

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The battery can hold itself for 1,000 cycles and that is around 70,000 km. Now, 70,000 isn’t a small figure, and surely not for a scooter. The specs are almost in line with the performance offerings from the Ather 450, Bajaj Chetak and the TVS iQube.

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Piaggio plans on electrifying one of their locally manufactured scooters to avoid the price hike that will come along the development of an EV from the ground. However, the Piaggio electric scooter will wear a premium coat and will go by industry standards to offer quite a bit on the table. Likes of the digital instrument console, reverse mode, smartphone connectivity, USB charging, LED headlamp, alloy wheels, and ride modes too can be expected. Vespa Elettrica India price will be around Rs 1.2 lakhs or may be more.

For the current scenario, the electric mobility is still in the budding stages and a lot of contenders onboard are startups. But with the entry of big names in the business, the startups have caught a good pace and the coming years seem to be promising. For the added support, the government can subsidies and bump up the infrastructure establishment as well.

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