Thursday, September 28, 2023

WOAH! Maserati Launches 10 Year Warranty For A Few Markets!

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In a bid to fix its image of being unreliable thanks to many small and big breakdowns and fixing the depreciating value of their cars, Maserati has taken a big step today!

Maserati introduces the new Extra10 Warranty Program, to extend the coverage of powertrain components – engine, gearbox, transmission – until the car turns 10 years old. Offered in addition to the existing program to extend the warranty to four or five years (known as “Extended Warranty”), the service is available worldwide*, for all customers who own any Maserati model**.

This new service enables Maserati to provide all its customers with an innovative offer, adding value in terms of unparalleled flexibility in the automotive world. A major new feature for the brand, aimed at consolidating the value of its cars over time, guaranteeing total peace of mind by combining top performance and the driving pleasure typical of every Trident car.

Visit any Maserati dealer to check whether your car is included in the scheme, and to receive all the information you need to activate the service. The dealer will also tell you more about all the additional services that can come with the Extra10 Warranty program, including pick-up and return service to your home, courtesy car and more.

2020 Maserati Ghibli, Levante and Quattroporteo Trofeo (1)

Maserati combines tradition and innovation in a range with uncompromising performance. With the Maserati Personal Service Lab, a department devoted to creating services and offers focused on customers’ requirements, the pleasure of driving a Maserati becomes even more immersive, supported as it is by a wide range of styles to meet every need a customer could have. The aim is to commit to ensuring a unique, innovative Customer Experience that looks ahead to the future. We cannot wait to see it in the Indian market as it drive sales by a good margin. As a low-volume market, Indian market would be ideal to get this scheme too!

* Available for USA, Canada, Latin America starting from October 1st, 2022.
** Within nine years and six months from the registration date, with no mileage limit.

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