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You Will One Day – Learn How To Modify Your Jeep Sensibly!

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Owners lift their Jeeps for lots of reasons, so new or even seasoned owners should know how much does it cost to lift a Jeep. If you’re only going for a couple of inches higher, then the lift kit you purchase will be made for just that. If you want monster tires on your Jeep, then you’ll need a different lift kit. What are the available lift kits and their cost?

How Many Inches of Clearance Will You Need?
First, Jeep drivers will need to know how much lift they want. Are a few inches of clearance sufficient? Do drivers want huge tires on their Jeep? For the purposes of this article, we’ll keep it simple by using a Jeep Wrangler, although other body types, such as the Renegade, are lifted.

Leveling Kit
The Wrangler was built with the front a couple of inches lower than the back. A leveling kit, also known as a body lift, will lift the front the one to three inches necessary for the whole thing to match. A leveling kit, or a body lift, involves rubber spacers between the body and the chassis. This lifts the car a couple of inches off the suspension.

Suspension Lift
This is where the vehicle is lifted high enough for very large tires to be installed for off-roading trips. It’s more expensive, so drivers should know how much it cost to lift a jeep. Suspension lifts are just what they sound like, but they add the inches necessary for larger tires:

Coil Spring Spacers
Also called coil spring boosters, these are added to the coil springs to provide a few inches of clearance. They’re used with an eye toward using large tires. With these boosters, there’s no need to alter the suspension or add anything else.

You Will One Day - Learn How To Modify Your Jeep Sensibly!

Coil Lifts
Also known as coil springs, their length adds 2 – 3 inches of lift to the suspension. Off-roaders choose this type of lift kit for their Jeeps. There are some things you should know about coils, though.

Linear Coils On A Wrangler
These are the factory-installed springs and those used in the beginning lift kits. The springs are consistent, with a good, comfortable ride. It’s when drivers go off-roading that the springs come into question. The activity causes the springs to become less firm and then fail.

Progressive Coils On A Wrangler
An increase in the rate of the spring from beginning to end allows the spring to resist pressure and adapt to road conditions. The faster or bumpier over rough terrain the Wrangler drives, the more the spring gets firm to resist the variations in movement. The slower or comparatively softer highway driving, the softer the springs react.

Dual Rate Coils On A Wrangler
Picture it: two coils in conjunction. The top coil supports the Wrangler. The bottom coil takes the heat from off-roading or other activity. When the top coil isn’t under performance pressure, it’s taller, giving the Wrangler lift. The bottom coil provides consistent height and performance.

Short Arm Lift Kit
A short-arm suspension kit is a complete suspension kit. It contains the coil spring kit, longer front, and back control arms, shocks, and hardier sway bar links. Two to six inches lift will benefit off-roaders.

Long Arm Lift Kit
The arm is mounted closer to the back of the chassis for maximum articulation. The longer arms do get caught on rocks, though, so drivers should be aware. It also requires welding and is a bit costly.
Important note: Depending on the lift kit, new shocks may be necessary. Larger body lifts will require extensions for the radiator, steering, shifting, and other parts of the Wrangler.

Lift Kit Brands
Accredited brands with excellent reviews are your best bet. If you’re going to spend money in the first place, do it right, right?

When parts made from high-quality materials are coated in an anti-rust solution, you know you’ve got the best there is for your Jeep. Teraflex offers many heights and many customization options.

Eighty years of innovative work and state-of-the-art technology make Mopar a globally respected company. Mopar, too, offers Jeep owners the tools and customization necessary for the lifted Jeep they want.
Also made with the highest quality materials, the quality and performance lift kits are celebrated as among the best. Their kits offer drivers a great road experience as well as off-road with the same quality.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Lift A Jeep?
Depending on where you buy it, a simple leveling kit can run you $200 to $300. As the lift gets higher, so does the price, because installation gets stickier. You could pay as much as $20,000 for a superior lift kit and installation:
• Leveling kit. A good quality kit can cost between $70-$150 depending on the Jeep. The installation will be different from shop to shop, but look to pay around $200-$400 in labor depending on your Jeep.
• Coil spring spacers. Prices vary from shop to shop and height to height. Remember to factor in labor. You should expect to pay about $60 to over $250.
• Coil lifts. The lifts themselves run from $600 and up from TeraFlex. It’s the labor that’s the most expensive: $800 to $4,000.
• Short arm lifts. The price rises from two-and-a-half-inch lifts up to four-and-a-half-inch lifts, or from $500 to over $2,000. Remember to factor in labor.
• Long arm lifts. Look to pay from $3,000 and up. Add labor into the mix.

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