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2016 TVS Victor 110 Review, Road Test

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2016 TVS Victor is back in a premium avatar offers so much for so less and is an everyday tempting package hard to fault with

Enchanting –

  • Victor is back with modern-likeable styling
  • Feature loaded, Value For Money
  • Fuel efficient AND Powerful
  • Dynamic and easy to ride
  • 60W Headlamp bulb is a great move

Unsatisfying –

  • Lacks Low-end torque
  • TVS Dealership scarce in some parts


Every manufacturer has one such product that it manages to cash on for eternity. Someone has something, others have other things. However, some manufacturers have names, names that when they are no more or they continue to exist and despite that, they continue to be spoken off. Stories of passion for the product. Ideas that product is filled with. Like other manufacturer, TVS has one too. Obviously you know what we are talking about. The Victor is the name and it is back in the market.

Victor is a name that helped TVS. The stories and ideas of TVS all in the product were finally heard by everyone. Critics, customers, media and even rival manufacturer see Victor as a potent threat and a healthy competitor. Victor is all set yet again to be ahead of time this time. This time it will offer its customers with best in class experience. We rode at the track a couple of months back and now we have a road test for you to tell you whether most of the track fun made it to the road or not. Let’s find out!


Styling Design is a complete revolution of what we saw with the large generation. However, traditional traits stay. A flowing side panel, a chunky rear tail-piece and this time a sharper looking fuel tank. The headlight though, is reminiscent of the StarCity+ to an extent. The windscreen in black gives it a premium appeal as it quite large by segment standards as well. 3D badge on tank, headlight cowl and side panel has the Victor badge on it is high quality and fonts well-chosen too.


Paint scheme and graphics chosen also look just right. Fit-finish levels are segment best. Red stitching for the seat is another cool aspect TVS has added. The tail-light is a very modern unit for a commuter and fits the bill right with the new Victor. Design idea of the one piece grab rails comes from the Apache split one’s. Exhaust is also a trendy unit as it is stubby and not ‘cannon alike’ long seen on competitor bikes. Overall, a smart-looking, premium commuter in every sense.


Ergonomics Ergonomics are typical commuter bike and that is a good thing. Front set footpegs, u-shape handlebar gives it upright riding stance. The seats are comfortable for both rider and pillion. Cushioning did feel something unique than others bikes, but in a good way. Mirrors are well placed and do their job. Grab rail looks and performs really well as it is accessible as well.


Speedo and Switchgear Cluster has all the information you need. Service reminder, battery indicator, shift lights, solitary turn indicators, two trip meters and power and eco mode which is the tachometer section. Tachometer is rarity in this segment and we welcome the feature whole-heartedly. Switches and buttons are top-notch. Engine kill switch is replaced with hazard light button which is cool, but confusing in the beginning. Palm grip too come Apache and they shout quality. The choke button is also placed on the RHS this time.


Engine and Gearbox Engine is where the new Victor scores. The 3-Valve layout makes it a unique proposition in the entire commuter segment. Why you may ask? it is simple. This is the most profitable way you can make more power, torque and meets emission and fuel efficiency standards that are set to come in the years. Victor makes 9.46 BHP of power and 9.4 NM which is yet again segment highest. However, don’t expect much low-down torque.

The 3-valve layout and slightly tall gearing that comes with it automatically makes it more of mid and top-end range king. Stay in the lower gear when it comes to low speeds to maintain speed. However, once you are in higher gears and speed, roll on the throttle and go. With a pillion or heavy weight you can still see 95 km/hr on the speedo. We saw 100 km/hr with effort and a large stretch which came in more quickly than other commuter . The engine NVH levels are good, there is a bit of vibration at the top-end. Th engine has smooth and linear power delivery which makes it a doodle to ride anywhere.


Overall, you need the push for sure? Get the StarCity+, but if you want MORE! Get the Victor and you won’t be disappointed for the days to come in the future as well. We got 61 km/l in fuel efficiency tests, which is low, but this is a mix of city and highway riding with good use of throttle.Proper highway mileage stands at 76 km/l. The best part is it still is on par with competitors.


Dynamics One of the lightest kerb weight in the segment along with class leading and horsepower and torque makes it the most fun to ride commuter motorcycles in the segment. 113 kgs with disc brake and all equipment means the handling is agile and simultaneously it is very nimble in the city. Turn-in is rather quick and the motorcycle is poised through the corners.


Ride quality is properly stiff, but isn’t harsh. This makes ride quality bare-able over our broken monsoon roads. Highway speed stability is top-notch too. Braking is really good. Perfect initial bite and post that there is a lot progressive breaking power to be enjoyed. Drum at the rear also does a great job. Improved TVS Remora Tyres over the past are responsible for better overall dynamics.

2016 TVS Victor 110 Review, Verdict


Like we said in the beginning, the Victor is hard bike to fault with. The engine is powerful, the styling is mature and attractive at the same time. Numbers when it comes to efficiency and performance are really good too. Quality is by far segment best as it offers a lot of feel-good factors all-around the bike. Low-end torque could be more, but then this bike is for informed rider and has the right balance of commuter practicality and enthusiast needs. We could easily see ourselves riding this motorcycle everyday without any complains. Victor has entered a segment which already existed and it ended up redefining the segment itself. Clearly, Victor is victorious, by a good margin.


Mohit Soni
Mohit Soni
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