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2016 Yamaha RayZR Review, Road Test

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2016 Yamaha RayZR continues to be a hoot to ride in its segment offer good value for money as it’s devoid of features compared to its rivals

Yamaha may be unknown for making sporty motorcycles in the country before it came with the new range of products post 2008. It did give us the FZ and the R15 to make sure our thirst was quenched. However, times pass by those products were just refreshed and we did not get any quarter litre yet (until now). We obviously got the YZF-R3 which is doing just fine in terms of sales and continues to be the best bike in that category. However, the focus for Yamaha isn’t all of that anymore, it wants volumes from one of the largest volume deriving countries, which is India.


To make sure it does that, it is following its arch nemesis, Honda, and is giving us scooters one after the other. Scooters that are far superior in various aspects but gender specific at times. Today, there is another addition to that. Ray ZR is one such attempt this time to make sure it appeals to the male audience with its approach. Call it irony, but we saw the first Ray ZR on the road with the fairer sex (two to be precise). Let’s get ‘skin deep’ into this and find out what the Ray ZR can offer.



Styling suggests that the scooter seems pretty much all new. There is large apron at the front to make sure it has some serious presence to woo buyers. The bulky yet edgy points of the panel does look quite appealing, there is already a large extension just beside the foot-board that can some times hit you while getting off the scooter. Front side of the very same protruding panel, houses the new turn-indicators that sits flush and in the middle is the headlight mounted lower as before.


Exhaust canister remains the same as it edgy and styled well and isn’t a mis-match like other scooters in the same segment. Front apron is well chiseled and the usual place of the headlight is now finished in piano black and along with the military green color and yellow camouflage, everything seems just right on this specific color option and it does look quite ‘muscular’ despite the small stance and size.


Speedo And Switchgear


Speedo has changed completely and there are four tiny pods to make sure it looks appealing. However, that isn’t the case, the font are not appealing and the layout isn’t out and out modern like the previous Ray which was monotonous but atleast look refreshing at that time. Tell-tale lights, missing solitary turn indicators and a fuel gauge are on offer. Switchgear stays the same with good plastic quality and tactical switches on offer.

Ergonomics 2016-yamaha-ray-zr-review-0224

Seat height is the lowest and that is a big plus point for the Ray series of scooters. ZR continues to be the same and is one of the best scooter for the ladies and short men out there. Seats are decently padded, there is enough comfort to offer for the pillion and grab rails are useable, but could have been better. Mirrors are mounted well and give a good view of what is behind.



Floor board width continues to be limited and the under seat storage number of 21 litre continues to impress on paper, but it isn’t deep or large. The under seat area can take a lot of knick-knacks but not a full size helmet, a large grocery bag or any daily essentials which are large in size.




Performance and Gearbox


The new 113cc engine is a Blue Core unit, which means it has been revised to deliver power and efficiency at the same time. 7.2 Ps of power and 8 Nm of torque are not segment best numbers but they do the job as it provides ample drievability in the city and decent performance on the highway. Scooter maxes out at 85 km/hr despite all of this thanks to a light kerb weight of just 103 kgs for drum variant and 105 kg for disc variant.


Engine is smooth and refined and exhaust note, though ‘tiny’, does sound quite good from the start till the end of the power band. CVT gearbox mated to the motor does its job and is smooth enough throughout the rev range. We always have said time and again, the scooter is the most efficient of the lot and this time there is no exception, a number of 46 km/l in the city and 51 km/l on the highway is the segment best on par with its Indian rivals.



Dynamically too, the RayZR has its strong points. The chassis provides enough nimble handling in the city to close pretty much any gap you want easily. Corner the scooter hard and the tyres don’t give up easily and chassis help you reach the limit pretty easily (lack of power makes it reach limits earlier). Very stiff suspension setup is the reason why this is all possible. MRF tyres and 10-inch wheels have never felt so befitting to any scooter in this segment as it does here.


Good use of chassis is always expected from Yamaha and it is delivered here! Stiff suspension means that ride quality can be jittery at times, not Aprilia SR 150 level, but large bumps definitely send shocks back to the body. Small to medium bumps are bearable. This is all thanks to Telescopic front forks and single sided suspension at the rear which are tuned well. Brakes are really good, let it be drum at the front or disc, it does the job really well and there is good feedback along with good bite from the lever too.


2016 Yamaha RayZR Review, Verdict


Ray ZR from Yamaha continues to be a no brainer if you want an affordable simple scooter from the Japanese brigade. There isn’t much on offer in terms of essentials or feature but it promises to be your life long partner. Good performance, efficiency and involving dynamics along with a good value for money deal makes sure you get whatever you want. The kind of colors on option along with the new funky styling and a popular rapper who has a song dedicated to the vehicle already seals the deal for most buyers. We wish Yamaha offers more powerful options and we wait every year for the same. For now, a little bit of ‘swag’ doesn’t look like a bad deal.


ex-showroom price
Rs. 54,500 (Matt Green, Fizz White)
Rs. 52,000 (Maverick Blue, Rooster Red)




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