2017 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Facelift Spied On Video, Launch in late 2017


TrailBlazer Facelift Spied On Video for the first time with heavy camouflage as GM is all set to put it against new competition

Chevrolet is making sure that they have enough products in the pipeline to make sure they full promises of launching 5 products in the next 24 months. Products have to be in each segment to make sure they get some market in the market before new rival from other countries take it away from there. Chevrolet has to take more market share than Volkswagen and Renault for example as it has been in the market since a longer time than these manufacturers.

Chevrolet has confirmed this fact and is making things simpler now by launching products, planning decisions in the background and launching cost-effective cars in the market. However, it does not want to overlook the premium segment, which its key rivals like Ford and Toyota have found a lot of success. The SUV business is the highest in the world and India is no exception. The premium market is all set for a reboot as the new Fortuner is on the way, the new Endevaour is already making good fortunes for Ford and there will be more rivals in the future.

To cater to that segment, the TrailBlazer came in the year 2015 and attracted consumers. The pricing, the styling, the engine and options it offered attracted not huge, but a good amount of customers. However, there are some flaws that GM India can address and this is where the new TrailBlazer Facelift should come in effect. TrailBlazer Facelift Spied On Video doing rounds in Bangalore has been spotted by our reader Jijo Anil.

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The SUV can be seen in heavy camouflage being tested and will have improved mechanicals and more features on offer with similar price tag as before. This time we expect the 4×4 to offered as old version has just 4×2 to offer with an automatic. We can expect a manual as well to keep the entry-level prices lower. Stay tuned for more on the same.

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