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2018 Volvo XC60 Commercial Is Serene and Captivating – Must Watch Video

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Turn up the volume and fix your eyes to the screen for the duration of the video. 2018 Volvo XC60 Commercial is wonderful

“Give this car an Oscar” reads a comment on the video from a viewer. The XC60 commercial is based on ‘Life’ says Volvo. The manufacturer has just rolled out the product in the world 9 months ago and it is coming to India on the 12’th December 2017. Volvo XC60 video is shot in Norway, Hongkong and Los Angeles. The music is the part which takes you down the lane of absolute serenity. The music composer, Keith Kenniff is known for making such masterpieces and he has done it again (He is my favorite) Unfortunately, you cannot download the soundtrack for now. There is an inclusion of several new things in the video if you look carefully as Volvo breaks barriers.

The SUV is second generation XC60 which Volvo says they have worked upon really hard on the comfort and keeping the fatigue from the driver to the highest level. The safety quotient remains, there is no sporty character to turn you away from the joy of just driving. Volvo is focusing extremely hard to keep its product neutral and appealing in the way they feel and look. It has the Swedish attributes inside and outside the car with the Thor Hammer headlight and signature Volvo grille. The SUV does look rather good. Allow us some time as we bring you the review the same as we have recently driven the car. Meanwhile, enjoy the video, because this isn’t your typical European car advert!

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